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RULE §515.11Licensing for Military Service Members, Military Veterans, and Military Spouses

(a) This section applies to all board licensing requirements, other than the examination requirement, for the issuance of a license to a military service member, military veteran or military spouse as applicable for the practice of public accountancy in this state.

(b) The following definitions apply to the licensing of service members, military veterans and military spouses.

  (1) "Active duty" means current full-time military service in the armed forces of the United States or active duty military service as a member of the Texas military forces, as defined by §437.001 of the Texas Government Code (relating to Definitions), or similar military service of another state.

  (2) "Armed forces of the United States" means the army, navy, air force, space force, coast guard, or marine corps of the United States or a reserve unit of one of those branches of the armed forces.

  (3) "Military service member" means a person who is on active duty.

  (4) "Military spouse" means a person who is married to a military service member.

  (5) "Military veteran" means a person who has served on active duty and who was discharged or released from active duty.

(c) A military service member, military veteran or military spouse may obtain a license if the applicant for licensure:

  (1) holds a current license issued by another jurisdiction that has licensing requirements that are substantially equivalent to the licensing requirements in this state; or

  (2) within the five years preceding the application date held a license in this state.

(d) The executive director may waive any prerequisite to obtaining a license for an applicant described in subsection (c) of this section after reviewing the applicant's credentials. The board may not give credit if the applicant holds a restricted license issued by another jurisdiction or has an unacceptable criminal history according to Chapter 53 of the Texas Occupations Code (relating to Consequences of Criminal Conviction).

(e) The board will process a license, as soon as practical, to a military service member, military veteran or military spouse and issue a non-provisional license when the board determines the applicant is qualified in accordance with board rules.

(f) The board will notify the license holder of the requirements for renewing the license in writing or by electronic means and the term of the license.

(g) In lieu of the standard method(s) provided in §511.161 of this title (relating to Qualifications for Issuance of a Certificate) for obtaining a license, a military service member, military veteran or military spouse may be licensed and the executive director may consider, other methods that demonstrate the applicant is qualified to be licensed.

(h) The board, pursuant to §511.123 of this title (relating to Reporting Work Experience), requires a minimum of one year of work experience and the board shall credit verified military service, training or education that is relevant toward this experience requirement as described in §511.122(c)(3)(D) of this title (relating to Acceptable Work Experience).

(i) The board shall, with respect to a military service member or military veteran, apply credit toward the licensing requirement for verified military service, training, or education. The board may not substitute credit for the examination requirement.

Source Note: The provisions of this §515.11 adopted to be effective December 5, 2018, 43 TexReg 7790; amended to be effective October 6, 2021, 46 TexReg 6546

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