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RULE §573.18Alternate Therapies--Homeopathy

(a) Definition. For the purpose of this rule, homeopathy is: a system of therapeutics in which diseases are treated by substances which are capable of producing in healthy animals symptoms like those of the disease to be treated, the substance being administered in minute doses. Use of homeopathic remedies in non-human animals is considered to be an alternate therapy in the practice of veterinary medicine.

(b) Use of Homeopathy in the Treatment of Animals. Only licensed veterinarians may use homeopathy in the medical treatment of animals. No veterinarian may allow a non-veterinarian employee or other agent to perform homeopathy in the treatment of an animal patient.

(c) Client Consent Required. Before homeopathy may be used in the treatment of an animal, the veterinarian must obtain a signed statement from the animal's owner or caretaker acknowledging that homeopathy is an alternate therapy in veterinary medicine and approving its use in the treatment of the animal. Before signing the statement, the veterinarian shall inform the client of the conventional treatments available and their probable ability to cure the problem. The signed statement shall become a permanent part of the patient's file.

(d) Standard Used in Determining Appropriate Use of Homeopathy. If the Board receives a complaint against a licensee about treatment involving the use of homeopathy, investigation of the complaint may include opinions from other licensees who use homeopathy in their treatment of animals. However, veterinarians who practice homeopathy shall exercise the same degree of humane care, skill, and diligence in treating patients as are ordinarily used in the same or similar circumstances by average members of the veterinary medical profession in good standing in the locality or community, or in similar localities or communities, in which they practice.

(e) Other Board Rules Not Preempted. Nothing in this rule shall remove or limit in any way the applicability of other rules of the Board as they apply to the practice of veterinary medicine.

Source Note: The provisions of this §573.18 adopted to be effective June 14, 2012, 37 TexReg 4229

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