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RULE §73.1Continuing Education

(a) Condition of Renewal. A licensee is required to attend continuing education courses as a condition of renewal of a license.

(b) Definitions.

  (1) Live format--any educational course that is not pre-recorded and is presented in real time through an interactive medium such as a live webinar or at an in-person training event.

  (2) Online course--any pre-recorded or live format educational course that is delivered through an internet-based platform. All online courses shall have the means to verify attendance through testing on the material presented or other approved format.

(c) Requirements.

  (1) Every licensee shall complete 16 hours of continuing education each year unless a licensee is exempted under subsection (e) of this section. Each licensee's reporting year shall begin on the first day of the month in which his or her birthday occurs.

  (2) The 16 hours of continuing education may be completed through any course or seminar elected by the licensee that has been approved by the Board.

    (A) A licensee must attend any course designated as a "TBCE Required Course" in a live format, and the course may be counted as part of the 16 hour requirement. A minimum of four of the 16 annual required hours of continuing education shall include topics designated by the Board.

      (i) A minimum of three hours of the total required continuing education shall consist of a course specifically related to the Board's rules including the Board's code of ethics, recordkeeping, documentation, and coding.

      (ii) A minimum of one hour of the total required continuing education shall relate to risk management in chiropractic practice. Risk management means the identification, investigation, and evaluation of risks and methods to correct and eliminate those risks.

      (iii) This may be taken online through a course offered by the Board or in any live format course approved by the Board. An instructor for this continuing education must meet one of the following criteria:

        (I) hold a doctorate degree and hold an active license to practice chiropractic or law;

        (II) is part of the full-time faculty of a chiropractic college accredited by the Council of Chiropractic Education;

        (III) is some other qualified health care provider; or

        (IV) is an individual with substantial knowledge, skill, and ability in chiropractic practice.

      (iv) Licensees who were initially licensed on or after September 1, 2012, must complete at least eight hours of continuing education in coding and documentation for Medicare claims no later than their second renewal period unless they are exempted under subsection (e) of this section. The eight hours in coding and documentation for Medicare claims may be counted as part of the total 16 continuing education hours required during the year in which the eight hours were completed.

      (v) The Board may issue public memoranda on urgent public health issues. The Board will publish these on the Board's website and distribute them to the major continuing education providers.

    (B) A licensee who serves as an examiner for the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners' Part IV Examination may receive credit for this activity, not to exceed eight hours each year.

    (C) A licensee is only allowed to take up to ten hours of online courses that are not live format.

  (3) A list of approved courses, including "TBCE Required Courses", will be available on the Board's website. The Board will also post notice of TBCE courses in its newsletter.

  (4) A licensee who is unable to travel to attend a continuing education course due to an illness or disability may satisfy the Board's requirements by completing 16 hours of approved courses online. If a licensee is unable to take an online course, the licensee must submit a request for special accommodations to complete their requirements.

(d) Verification.

  (1) At the Board's request, a licensee shall submit written verification from each sponsor of the licensee's completion of each continuing education course hour used to fulfill the required hours for all years requested.

  (2) A licensee submitting hours as a National Boards examiner must submit written verification of the licensee's participation from the National Boards, on National Boards letterhead. The verification must include the licensee's name, board license number, and the date, time, and place of each examination attended by the licensee as an examiner.

  (3) Failure to submit verification as required by paragraph (1) of this subsection shall be considered the same as failing to meet the continuing education requirements of subsection (c) of this section.

(e) Exemption. The following are exempt from the requirements of subsection (c) of this section:

  (1) a licensee who holds an inactive license. If an individual wishes to resume the practice of chiropractic during the reporting year for which this exemption applies, the individual cannot begin to practice until first obtaining all required continuing education hours;

  (2) a licensee who is a military member, veteran, or military spouse during part of the 12 months immediately preceding the annual license renewal date;

  (3) a licensee who submits proof satisfactory to the Board that the licensee suffered an illness or disability which prevented the licensee from complying with the requirements of this section during the 12 months immediately preceding the annual license renewal date; or

  (4) a licensee who is in their first renewal period.

(f) A military member who holds a license is entitled to two years of additional time to complete:

  (1) any continuing education requirements; and

  (2) any other requirement related to the renewal of the military member's license.

Source Note: The provisions of this §73.1 adopted to be effective February 21, 2019, 44 TexReg 705

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