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RULE §681.38Conflicts, Boundaries, Dual Relationships, and Termination of Relationships

(a) A licensee must not engage in activities for the licensee's personal gain at the expense of a client.

(b) A licensee may promote the licensee's personal or business activities to a client if such activities, services or products are to facilitate the counseling process or help achieve the client's counseling goals. Prior to engaging in any such activities, services or product sales with the client, the licensee must first inform the client of the licensee's personal and/or business interest therein. A licensee must not exert undue influence in promoting such activities, services or products.

(c) A licensee must set and maintain professional boundaries.

(d) Except as provided by this subchapter, non-therapeutic relationships with clients are prohibited.

  (1) A non-therapeutic relationship is any non-counseling activity initiated by either the licensee or client that results in a relationship unrelated to therapy.

  (2) A licensee may not engage in a non-therapeutic relationship with a client if the relationship begins less than two (2) years after the end of the counseling relationship.

  (3) A licensee may not engage in a romantic relationship or sexual contact with a client within five (5) years after the end of the counseling relationship.

  (4) For purposes of paragraphs (2) and (3) of this subsection, the licensee must be able to demonstrate the relationship was consensual, not the result of exploitation by or on the part of the licensee, and that the non-therapeutic relationship is not detrimental to the client in light of all relevant factors, including, but not limited to, the factors set forth in §681.42(b)(4)(A) - (G) of this title (relating to Sexual Misconduct).

  (5) The licensee must not provide counseling services to previous or current:

    (A) family members;

    (B) personal friends;

    (C) educational associates; or

    (D) business associates.

  (6) The licensee must not give or accept a gift from a client or a relative of a client valued at more than $50, borrow or lend money or items of value to clients or relatives of clients, or accept payment in the form of goods or services rendered by a client or relative of a client.

  (7) The licensee must not enter into a non-professional relationship with a client's family member or any person having a personal or professional relationship with a client if the licensee knows or reasonably should have known such a relationship could be detrimental to the client.

(e) The licensee must not knowingly offer or provide counseling to an individual concurrently receiving counseling treatment intervention from another mental health services provider except with that provider's knowledge. If a licensee learns of such concurrent therapy, the licensee must request release from the client to inform the other professional and strive to establish positive and collaborative professional relationships.

(f) A licensee must terminate a professional counseling relationship when it is reasonably clear the client is not benefiting from the relationship.

(g) Upon termination of a relationship if professional counseling is still necessary, the licensee must take reasonable steps to facilitate the transfer to appropriate care.

Source Note: The provisions of this §681.38 adopted to be effective September 21, 2023, 48 TexReg 5142

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