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RULE §882.22Reinstatement of a License

(a) A person whose full license has expired or been retired, revoked, or resigned, may apply for reinstatement of the license. A person seeking re-licensure must apply for reinstatement, rather than applying for a new full license.

(b) An application for reinstatement shall be in writing and in the form prescribed by the Council.

(c) In the case of revocation or resignation, application for reinstatement shall not be made prior to one year after the effective date of the revocation or resignation or prior to any time period specified in the order of revocation or resignation. A person whose license was revoked under §108.053 may apply for reinstatement of the license if the person meets the requirements of §108.055 of the Occupations Code.

(d) A person seeking reinstatement of a license shall appear before the Council or member board to answer any questions or address any concerns raised by the person's application if requested by a council or board member or the Executive Director. Failure to comply with this paragraph shall constitute grounds for denial of the application for reinstatement.

(e) The Council may approve or deny an application for reinstatement, and in the case of a denial, the Council may also set a reasonable period that must elapse before another application may be filed. The Council may also impose reasonable terms and conditions that an applicant must satisfy before reinstatement of an unrestricted license.

(f) An application for reinstatement of an expired, retired, revoked, or resigned license may be granted upon proof of each of the following:

  (1) payment of the application fee;

  (2) submission of a self-query report from the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) reflecting any disciplinary history or legal actions taken against the applicant. A self-query report must be submitted to the agency as a PDF that ensures the self-query is exactly as it was issued by the NPDB (i.e., a digitally certified self- query response) or in the sealed envelope in which it was received from the NPDB;

  (3) a fingerprint based criminal history check which reflects no disqualifying criminal history;

  (4) passage of any examinations required by a member board;

  (5) documentation of any continuing education required by a member board; and

  (6) submission of any other documentation or information requested in the application or which the Council or a member board may deem necessary in order to ensure the public's safety.

(g) The Council will evaluate each of the following criteria when considering reinstatement of an expired, revoked, or resigned license:

  (1) circumstances surrounding the expiration, revocation, or resignation of the license;

  (2) conduct of the applicant subsequent to the expiration, revocation, or resignation of the license;

  (3) lapse of time since the expiration, revocation, or resignation of the license;

  (4) compliance with all terms and conditions imposed by the Council or a member board in any previous order; and

  (5) applicant's present qualification to practice the regulated profession based upon the history of related employment, service, education, or training, as well as the applicant's continuing education since the expiration, revocation, or resignation of the license.

(h) Notwithstanding time limits on original applications and examinations found elsewhere in these rules, an applicant seeking reinstatement of a license must submit all required documentation and information, and successfully pass all required examinations within the period specified by the Council. Failure to do so shall result in the application for reinstatement expiring.

Source Note: The provisions of this §882.22 adopted to be effective September 1, 2020, 45 TexReg 4756; amended to be effective September 21, 2022, 47 TexReg 5865

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