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RULE §161.5Meetings

(a) Special meetings shall be called by the president or by resolution of the board or upon written request signed by five members of the board.

(b) Board and committee meetings shall be conducted pursuant to the provisions of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised unless the board by rule adopts a different procedure.

(c) The board may act only by majority vote of its members present and voting, with each member entitled to one vote. No proxy vote shall be allowed.

(d) In order that board and committee meetings may be conducted safely, efficiently, and with decorum, attendees may not engage in disruptive activity that interferes with board proceedings.

(e) Members of the public shall remain within those areas of the board offices and board meeting room designated as open to the public.

(f) Members of the public shall not address or question board members during meetings unless recognized by the board's presiding officer pursuant to a published agenda item.

(g) Journalists have the same right of access to board meetings conducted in open session as other members of the public and are subject to the same requirements.

(h) The board's presiding officer may exclude from a meeting any person who, after being duly warned, persists in disruptive activity that interferes with board proceedings.

(i) Any person may record all or any part of the proceedings of a public board meeting in attendance by means of a tape recorder, video camera, or any other means of sonic or visual reproduction.

  (1) The executive director shall direct any individual wishing to record or videotape as to equipment location, placement, and the manner in which the recording is conducted.

  (2) The decision will be made so as not to disrupt the normal order and business of the board.

Source Note: The provisions of this §161.5 adopted to be effective March 7, 2002, 27 TexReg 1486; amended to be effective September 19, 2010, 35 TexReg 8348; amended to be effective November 14, 2019, 44 TexReg 6880

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