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RULE §194.12Standards for the Approval of Certificate Program Curricula and Instructors

(a) General certificate programs. All curricula and programs to train individuals to perform radiologic procedures must be accredited by accrediting organizations recognized by:

  (1) the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, including but not limited to: the JRCNMT; or

  (2) the United States Secretary of Education, including, but not limited to JRCERT, ABHES, or SACS.

(b) Limited Certificate Programs. All programs and curricula training individuals to perform limited radiologic procedures must:

  (1) be accredited by JRCERT, ABHES, or SACS to offer a limited curriculum in radiologic technology; or

  (2) be accredited by JRCCVT to offer a curriculum in invasive cardiovascular technology.

(c) Application procedures for certificate programs.

  (1) Application shall be made by the program director on official forms available from the board.

  (2) The application must be notarized and shall be accompanied by the following items:

    (A) the application fee, in accordance with Chapter 175 of this title (relating to Fees and Penalties);

    (B) a copy of the current accreditation issued to the program by accepted accrediting organizations under subsections (a) - (b) of this section; and

    (C) an agreement to allow the board to conduct an administrative audit of the program to determine compliance with this section.

(d) Procedure for Approval or Denial.

  (1) Review by the Executive Director.

    (A) The executive director or designee shall review applications for approval and may determine whether an applying program is eligible for approval, or refer an application to the Education Committee of the board for review.

    (B) If the executive director or designee determines that the applying program clearly meets all approval requirements, the executive director or designee may approve the applicant, to be effective on the date issued without formal board approval.

    (C) If the executive director determines that the applying program does not clearly meet all approval requirements prescribed by the Act and this chapter, approval may be issued only upon action by the board following a recommendation by the Education Committee. The Education Committee may recommend to grant or deny the approval request.

  (2) Reconsideration of Denials.

    (A) Determinations to deny approval of a program may be reconsidered by the Education Committee or the board based on additional information concerning the applying program and upon a showing of good cause for reconsideration.

    (B) A decision to reconsider a denial determination shall be a discretionary decision by the Education Committee, based on consideration of the additional information. Requests for reconsideration shall be made in writing by the applying program director.

(e) Grounds for Denial or Withdrawal of Approval.

  (1) Failure of the applying or approved training program to comply with the provisions of this chapter or the Act may be grounds for denial or withdrawal of the approval of the training program.

  (2) In the event that the board receives complaints against an approved program, such information shall be referred to the board's investigation department.

  (3) Any material misrepresentation of fact by an approved or applying program in any information required to be submitted to the board is grounds for denial or withdrawal of approval.

  (4) The board may deny or withdraw its approval of a program after giving the program written notice setting forth its reasons for denial or withdrawal and after giving the program a reasonable opportunity to be heard by the Education Committee of the board.

(f) Renewal.

  (1) The training program director shall be responsible for applying for renewal of the training program's approval. The program director must apply for renewal every three years by submitting the required form and documents and by paying the required renewal fee to the board on or before the expiration date of the approval.

  (2) Failure to submit the renewal form and renewal fee will result in the expiration of the training program's approval. In the case that the approval is expired, to obtain a new approval, the training program must reapply to meet all requirements for approval under this section.

  (3) A training program which fails to apply for renewal or otherwise holds an expired approval shall cease representing the program as an approved training program. The program director shall notify currently enrolled students that the training program is no longer approved under this section. The notification shall be in writing and must be issued within ten days of the expiration of the approval.

(g) Required Reports to the Board. The program director shall report the following to the board within 30 days after the event:

  (1) Any change of address for the physical location of the program; or

  (2) any change in accreditation status by an acceptable accrediting organization under subsections (a) - (b) of this section.

Source Note: The provisions of this §194.12 adopted to be effective April 3, 2017, 42 TexReg 1763; amended to be effective April 17, 2019, 44 TexReg 1859

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