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RULE §13.14Annual Survey of Hospitals (ASH)--Types of Data To Be Reported

The types of ASH data which hospitals must submit to the Department of State Health Services (department) through the online survey form are as follows:

  (1) reporting period data reflecting the 12-month period covering the hospital's most recently completed fiscal year;

  (2) organizational structure data reflecting the organization that is responsible for establishing policy for the overall operation of the hospital; the organization that owns the hospital's physical plant; the organization's affiliation with the hospital and any hospital systems of which the hospital is a part; and the type of service provided to the majority of admissions;

  (3) financial data about a facility's revenues and expenses. Financial data is based on the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Hospital Audit Guide and on generally accepted accounting principles for hospitals and is extracted from the hospital's most recent annual financial statements as follows:

    (A) total gross revenue, including Medicare and Medicaid gross revenue, other revenue from state programs, revenue from local government programs, local tax support, charitable contributions, other third party payments, gross inpatient revenue and gross outpatient revenue;

    (B) total deductions from gross revenue, including contractual allowances and any other deductions;

    (C) net patient revenue;

    (D) charity care;

    (E) bad debt expense; and

    (F) total assets and liabilities;

  (4) utilization data about the use of a facility and/or its services, including:

    (A) total admissions, including Medicare admissions and Medicaid admissions, admissions under a local government program, charity care admissions, and any other type of admission;

    (B) total discharges;

    (C) total patient days;

    (D) average length of stay; and

    (E) total outpatient visits; and

  (5) additional data as follows:

    (A) estimates of unreimbursed costs of subsidized health services reported separately as emergency and trauma care, neonatal intensive care, freestanding community clinics, collaborative efforts with local government or private agencies in preventive medicine, and other subsidized health services;

    (B) donations;

    (C) total cost of reimbursed and unreimbursed research; and

    (D) total cost of reimbursed and unreimbursed education separated into the following categories: education of physicians, nurses, technicians, and other medical professionals and health care providers; scholarships and funding to medical schools, colleges, and universities for health professions education; education of patients concerning diseases and home care in response to community needs; community health education through informational programs, publications, and outreach activities in response to community needs; and other educational services that satisfy the definition of "education-related costs" under Health and Safety Code, §311.031(6).

Source Note: The provisions of this §13.14 adopted to be effective February 23, 1994, 19 TexReg 921; amended to be effective December 4, 2007, 32 TexReg 8827

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