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RULE §228.224Outfitter Operations

(a) General. Requirements in this section are specific for Outfitter Operations. The regulatory authority may impose additional requirements to protect against health hazards that may be specific to these operations.

(b) Food supplies. Food supplies, including ice, shall be obtained from approved sources. No home prepared products shall be offered.P

(c) Food temperatures. All food temperature requirements shall be met as contained in Subchapter C of this chapter.P

(d) Food preparation and protection for excursions.

  (1) Except for paragraphs (2) - (4) of this subsection. All food shall be prepared and protected in Central Preparation Facility and meet requirements contained in Subchapter C of this chapter.P

  (2) Only commercially prepackaged ready-to-eat foods or ready-to-eat foods that have been prepared and packaged with no cooking at Central Preparation Facility may be served.P

  (3) Raw time/temperature control for safety (TCS) foods may be cooked on-site if cooked and immediately served.P

  (4) All food must be stored to protect from contamination as contained in Subchapter C of this chapter.P

  (5) TCS foods that required complex preparation must be served within the first 24 hours of the excursion departure time.P

  (6) Leftovers. Leftovers shall not be re-heated or re-served.P

(e) Warewashing. Alternative manual warewashing equipment, such as receptacles that substitute for the compartments of a multi-compartment sink, may be used for washing and sanitizing utensils when approved by the regulatory authority. Outfitters without effective facilities for cleaning and sanitizing tableware shall only provide single-service articles for use by food employees and consumers.Pf

(f) Ice usage.

  (1) Ice that is used for cooling food may not be used for human consumption.P

  (2) Ice used for human consumption must be stored in a clean sanitized container that is properly constructed and maintained in good repair.Pf

(g) Potable water.

  (1) Potable water shall be used on excursions for human consumption, food preparation, handwashing, and for cleaning and sanitizing utensils and equipment;P and

  (2) must be stored in a clean sanitized container that is easily cleanable and good condition.Pf

(h) Handwashing. Handwashing facilities shall include a container with a spigot that can be turned on to allow potable, clean, water; a wastewater container; soap; disposable towels; and a waste receptacle. Handwashing facilities are not required if the only food items offered are commercially prepackaged foods that are dispensed in their original containers.Pf

(i) Equipment. All equipment and utensils intended for food contact shall be approved for food use.Pf

(j) Thermometers. Thermometers shall be provided, accurate, and accessible during excursions.Pf

(k) Garbage receptacles. Impervious receptacles shall be provided for storage of garbage and refuse.

(l) Certified food protection manager. If food other than pre-packaged ready-to-eat food is being served, at least one guide during the excursion shall successfully complete a food manager's certification course accredited by this department. Pf

(m) An outfitter operation must have a central preparation facility as specified in Subchapter A of this chapter.

Source Note: The provisions of this §228.224 adopted to be effective October 11, 2015, 40 TexReg 6901

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