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RULE §265.155Decks, Entrances and Exits, Diving Facilities, Slides, and Other Aquatic Play Features

(a) Access. Entrances and exits, including hand and grab rails, walkways, and docks, shall comply with applicable requirements for access to recreation facilities and the elements for persons with disabilities under federal, state, and local fair housing and disability access laws.

(b) Decks for lagoons. The following is required where decks are provided for lagoons:

  (1) Each deck shall be at least five feet wide.

  (2) A deck shall be provided at each entry or exit into the swimming areas.

  (3) An unobstructed deck area at least four feet wide shall be provided for access around:

    (A) diving equipment;

    (B) special feature stairways, such as for a waterslide;

    (C) lifeguard stands;

    (D) diving boards;

    (E) similar deck equipment; and

    (F) structural columns.

  (4) In a swimming area or in a surf lagoon where perimeter deck is non-contiguous and the clearance is not at least four feet, locations for lifeguards to safely access the edge of the lagoon are required.

  (5) A deck shall slope away from the lagoon so that water drains into deck drains or to perimeter areas.

  (6) A deck drain shall not drain to the lagoon, lagoon gutter, or recirculation systems.

  (7) Loose plant material or bedding shall not be permitted within a perimeter deck.

  (8) Carpet, wood, and artificial turf are prohibited as perimeter deck materials.

  (9) Concrete that is used as a deck material shall be installed in accordance with the American Concrete Institute ACI Standard 302.1R-15, "Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction" or in accordance with the requirements established by the licensed engineer, and in accordance with local building codes.

  (10) All decks shall have slip resistant, textured finishes that have a minimum dynamic coefficient of friction at least equal to the requirements of ANSI A137.1-2012 for that installation as measured by the DCOF AcuTest or by the Australian Standard AS 4663-2013.

  (11) Continuous watertight expansion joint material shall be provided between perimeter decks and lagoon coping.

  (12) Open joints or gaps larger than 3/16-inch or vertical elevations exceeding 1/4-inch in the deck shall be corrected using appropriate fillers.

(c) Acceptable means of entry or exit. Acceptable means of entry or exit include stairs, recessed steps, ladders, ramps, swimouts, lifts, and beach (zero-depth) entry or exit. Access to a surf lagoon shall be at the shallow or beach entry end with the exception of an allowable Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) designated entry point.

(d) Number of entry or exit points. A minimum of two entry or exit points are required in each swimming area. A single set of entry or exit steps or a single beach entry extending a minimum of 75% around the perimeter of the swimming area meets the minimum entry or exit requirements.

(e) Beach entry slope. Beach entry slopes shall not exceed 1:10.

(f) Slip resistant surfaces. Steps, ladders, and recessed treads shall have slip resistant surfaces.

(g) Steps. For a lagoon constructed on or after the effective date of this subchapter, steps shall comply with the following:

  (1) Steps shall conform with the most recent edition of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) in MAHC Sections, MAHC Table, MAHC Figure, Figure, and Figure

  (2) The bottom riser height may be allowed to taper to zero.

  (3) Underwater steps shall be provided with a horizontal solid or broken stripe at least one-inch wide on the top surface along the front leading edge of each step. This stripe shall be plainly visible to persons standing above the steps. The stripe shall be a contrasting color to the background on which it is applied, and the color shall be permanent in nature and shall be a slip resistant surface.

(h) Handrails. A lagoon shall comply with applicable federal, state, and local requirements for access by persons with disabilities.

  (1) Handrails, if removable, shall be installed in such a way that they cannot be removed without the use of tools.

  (2) Handrails shall be provided for each set of stairs provided in a lagoon constructed on or after the effective date of this subchapter and shall be constructed of corrosion-resistant materials, bonded in accordance with the National Electrical Code, and anchored securely.

  (3) The upper railing surface of handrails shall extend above the deck or at the interface of the water and beach.

  (4) Dimensions of handrails not for use by persons with disabilities shall conform to requirements in the most current edition of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) in MAHC Table and MAHC Figure

(i) Floating platforms.

  (1) A floating swim platform or floating dive platform shall:

    (A) be constructed of a non-slip and splinter-resistant material that can be easily cleaned;

    (B) have at least one ladder with handles and steps that extend at least 30 inches below water level;

    (C) be anchored or secured to keep it in its designated area if a floating platform; and

    (D) minimize the risk of entrapment by being constructed with:

      (i) all braces and struts designed to prevent entrapment of users; and either

      (ii) a visible minimum 12-inch air space under maximum load; or

      (iii) a smooth solid bottom that extends at least 2 feet below the water.

  (2) A floating platform with a perimeter greater than 75 feet shall have a minimum of two ladders with handles and steps that extend at least 30 inches below the water level.

  (3) A floating dive platform less than 20 inches above the water level shall have a minimum of 9 feet of water depth for 16 feet horizontal distance beyond the diving platform.

  (4) A floating dive platform greater than 20 inches above the water level shall be designed and constructed according to minimum dimensions specified by the FINA Facilities Rules, 2017-2021.

(j) Slides and other aquatic play features.

  (1) A slide or other aquatic play feature, such as a climbing wall, floating amusement island, or zip line, shall be installed according to manufacturer's instructions or in accordance with the licensed engineer's specifications.

  (2) An aquatic play feature that meets the definition of "Amusement Ride" in Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 2151 (the Amusement Ride Safety Inspection and Insurance Act) shall comply with that chapter.

  (3) A feature that meets the definition of a "slide" in the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Standard for Swimming Pool Slides as published in Title 16 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1207, shall comply with those standards.

(k) Diving platforms or boards. A diving platform or diving board shall be designed and constructed according to standards specified by the FINA Rules, 2017-2021.

Source Note: The provisions of this §265.155 adopted to be effective March 1, 2020, 45 TexReg 1024

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