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RULE §37.58Follow-up, Reporting, and Record Keeping on Abnormal Screening Results and Confirmed Cases

(a) The department shall make notification of abnormal screening results as specified in Texas Health and Safety Code, §33.014(a). The department maintains an active system of follow-up for those cases. The department will provide recommendations for clinical confirmation following abnormal screening results.

(b) The department may request local health authorities, and/or the designated staff in the department's health service regions to provide follow-up and other appropriate assistance for individuals at risk from the disorders referenced in §37.53 of this title (relating to Disorders for Which Blood Specimen Screening is Performed).

(c) The person submitting the newborn screening specimen may assist the department with follow-up of individuals at risk for the disorders referenced in §37.53 of this title.

(d) The department will identify pediatric specialists in the state who are available to provide consultation to physicians and other health care practitioners regarding the diagnosis and management of newborns with abnormal screening results. If a screening test indicates that a newborn child is at high risk, department program staff will provide the physician, or other health care practitioner if the infant does not have a physician, with the names of appropriate consultants in the infant's geographic area. The program may provide information about abnormal screening results to the pediatric specialists who cooperate with the department as part of the department's activities under this subchapter.

(e) Each physician, local health authority, or other individual shall report to the department all confirmed cases of the disorders referenced in §37.53 of this title within 30 days of obtaining such information.

(f) The department will collect and compile information it receives under this subchapter and from other sources to derive incidence/prevalence rates for the disorders referenced in §37.53 of this title. The data may enable the department to identify high-risk population groups, with the ultimate goal of preventing severe sequelae of the disorders.

(g) The department may follow up with a confirmed case through periodic data collection from the physician and/or other health care practitioner and/or parent, managing conservator, or legal guardian.

(h) The department shall maintain a registry of children born in Texas who have been diagnosed as having one of the disorders referenced in §37.53 of this title, as required by Texas Health and Safety Code, §33.015(c).

Source Note: The provisions of this §37.58 adopted to be effective November 1, 2006, 31 TexReg 8835; amended to be effective December 31, 2013, 38 TexReg 9567

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