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RULE §701.13Advisory Committees

The Oversight Committee may rely upon Advisory Committees of experts to advise the Oversight Committee on issues related to cancer and to inform Institute policies and procedures.

  (1) The University Advisory Committee shall advise the Oversight Committee and Review Councils regarding the role of higher education in Cancer Research. The committee's membership is composed of the members specified by §102.154, Texas Health and Safety Code.

  (2) The Oversight Committee shall create an ad hoc Advisory Committee to address childhood cancers.

  (3) The Oversight Committee may create additional ad hoc Advisory Committees to advise the Oversight Committee on issues related to cancer.

  (4) The presiding officer of the Oversight Committee appoints experts, including practitioners and patient advocates, to serve as ad hoc Advisory Committee members, subject to approval by the Oversight Committee, for terms of service determined by the Oversight Committee.

    (A) When used in this section, the term "patient advocates" is not intended to and does not have the meaning ascribed to the same term defined by §701.3 of this chapter (relating to Definitions). The term, when used herein, applies more generally to the broad category of individuals that advocate, either personally or professionally, on behalf of a group of individuals affected by cancer. A patient advocate serving on an ad hoc Advisory Committee does not undergo the selection process or receive science-based training required by Patient Advocates under Chapter 703, §703.5 of this title (relating to Scientific Research and Prevention Programs Committees).

    (B) An Institute Employee, Oversight Committee Member, or Scientific Research and Prevention Programs Committee Member may not be a member of any Advisory Committee of the Institute.

    (C) Grant Applicants and Grant Recipients may be Advisory Committee members.

  (5) The Institute may reimburse Advisory Committee members for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred to attend meetings or perform other official duties authorized by the presiding officer of the Oversight Committee.

  (6) Each Advisory Committee shall create a committee charter for approval by the Oversight Committee that delineates the role of the Advisory Committee and expected activities.

  (7) The Oversight Committee shall establish a process for each Advisory Committee to report no less than annually to the Oversight Committee regarding the activities of the Advisory Committee.

  (8) A list of the Institute's Advisory Committees and the reports presented to the Oversight Committee by each Advisory Committee shall be maintained on the Institute's Internet website.

Source Note: The provisions of this §701.13 adopted to be effective March 2, 2014, 39 TexReg 1380

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