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RULE §701.27Publicly Available Institute Reports and Records

To promote transparency in its activities, the Institute maintains the information described in this section and makes such information publicly available through the Institute's Internet website or upon request.

  (1) The Texas Cancer Plan;

  (2) The Institute's Annual Public Report;

  (3) The Conflict of Interest information described in this paragraph for the previous 12 months:

    (A) A list of disclosed Conflicts of Interest requiring recusal.

    (B) Any unreported Conflicts of Interest confirmed by an Institute investigation and actions taken by the Institute regarding same.

    (C) Any Conflict of Interest waivers granted.

  (4) The annual Grant Program priorities set by the Oversight Committee;

  (5) Oversight Committee Bylaws;

  (6) Code of Conduct and Ethics;

  (7) A list, separated by Grant Program and Peer Review Panel, of the Scientific Research and Prevention Programs Committee Members provisionally appointed or approved by the Oversight Committee;

  (8) The Institute's honoraria policy for Scientific Research and Prevention Programs Committee Members;

  (9) The supporting documentation regarding the Institute's implementation of its Conflict of Interest policy and actions taken to exclude a conflicted Oversight Committee Member, Program Integration Committee Member, Scientific Research and Prevention Programs Committee Member or Institute Employee from participating in the review, discussion, deliberation and vote on the Grant Application;

  (10) The Chief Executive Officer's annual report to the Oversight Committee on the progress and continued merit of each research Program funded by the Institute;

  (11) Grant Applicant information:

    (A) Name and address;

    (B) Amount of funding applied for;

    (C) Type of cancer addressed by the Grant Application; and

    (D) A high-level summary of work proposed to be funded by the Grant Award;

  (12) Information related to Grant Awards, including the name of the Grant Recipient, the amount of the Grant Award approved by the Oversight Committee, the type of cancer addressed, and a high-level summary of the work funded by the Grant Award;

  (13) Records of a nonprofit organization established to provide support to the Institute;

  (14) Except as excluded by 702.7(f) of this Title, information related to any gift, grant, or other consideration provided to the Institute, Institute Employee, or a member of an Institute committee. Such information shall state:

    (A) Donor's name;

    (B) Amount of donation; and

    (C) Date of donation;

  (15) A list of the Institute's Advisory Committees and the reports presented to the Oversight Committee by each Advisory Committee;

  (16) The Institute's approved internal audit annual report and the internal audit plan posted no later than thirty (30) days after approval by the Oversight Committee, or the Chief Executive Officer if the Oversight Committee is unable to meet;

  (17) A detailed summary of the weaknesses, deficiencies, wrongdoings, or other concerns raised by the audit plan or annual report and a summary of the action taken by the Institute to the address concerns, if any, that are raised by the audit plan or annual report; and

  (18) Information regarding staff compensation in compliance with §659.026, Texas Government Code.

Source Note: The provisions of this §701.27 adopted to be effective March 2, 2014, 39 TexReg 1380; amended to be effective December 7, 2016, 41 TexReg 9526; amended to be effective September 13, 2018, 43 TexReg 5806

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