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RULE §701.37Grant Recipient Travel Policy

(a) Travel costs for Grant Recipients are allowable based on the State of Texas travel policy, administered by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, provided that costs are deemed by the Institute to be reasonable and necessary. The Institute will not reimburse a Grant Recipient for travel expenses in an amount that exceeds the standards in the State of Texas travel policy.

(b) Grant Recipients must provide adequate supporting documentation when requesting reimbursement for travel expenses on a Financial Status Report pursuant to §703.24.

  (1) A separate travel expense report should be submitted for each trip taken.

  (2) Meal costs may be charged on an actual cost basis or on a per diem, provided that one method is used uniformly on an entire trip.

  (3) Lodging expenses must be supported with either a receipt or, if a receipt is unavailable, the canceled check or credit card slip used to pay the lodging expense, the credit card billing on which the lodging charges appear, or a copy of the check, slip or billing.

  (4) Mileage must be supported with a detailed record of actual point-to-point mileage with odometer readings or copies of mapping website mileage. Mileage should not be rounded to the nearest decimal point.

  (5) Transportation expenses must be supported with a receipt or itinerary. If neither is available then a Grant recipient should provide the canceled check or credit card slip used to pay for the transportation, the credit card billing on which the transportation charges appear, or a copy of the receipt, check, slip or billing.

  (6) Rental of motor vehicles must be supported by a receipt and/or rental contract.

  (7) Incidental expenses must be supported by an itemization of the expenses incurred.

(c) International travel must either be part of the Grant Recipient's approved budget in the Grant Contract, or the Grant Recipient must receive prior approval from CPRIT for the international travel if the international travel is added to the budget subsequently.

  (1) International travel costs may be reimbursed according to the United States Department of State rates, if the costs are deemed by CPRIT to be reasonable and necessary.

  (2) Grant Recipients should submit requests for reimbursement in United States dollar amounts. If the original cost is in a foreign currency, the Grant Recipient must convert the cost to a dollar amount and provide documentation of the exchange rate used for the conversion.

(d) Nothing herein prohibits a Grant Recipient from having more restrictive internal travel policy requirements.

Source Note: The provisions of this §701.37 adopted to be effective March 15, 2018, 43 TexReg 1441

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