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RULE §604.3Informed Consent for Electroconvulsive Therapy

(a) Health and Safety Code (HSC) §578.003, relating to Consent to Therapy, requires the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to adopt a standard written consent form to be used when electroconvulsive therapy is considered. HSC §578.003 requires that the form include the minimum information which is also required by the Texas Medical Disclosure Panel (panel) for electroconvulsive therapy. HSC §578.003 states that use of the consent form prescribed by DSHS in the manner described by HSC §578.003 creates a rebuttable presumption that the disclosure requirements of Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §74.102 have been met.

(b) The panel recognizes that DSHS has adopted a written consent form for electroconvulsive therapy in §405.108 of this title (relating to Informed Consent to ECT).

(c) If the DSHS consent form is in compliance with HSC §578.003, and contains the minimum information required by the panel for electroconvulsive therapy, specifically the risks and hazards identified by the panel, a physician or health care provider using the DSHS consent form for electroconvulsive therapy is not required to use both the DSHS form and the panel's Disclosure and Consent - Medical Care and Surgical Procedures form to document consent for the electroconvulsive therapy. This section does not constitute approval of DSHS's current consent form or of DSHS's assessment of the risks and hazards associated with electroconvulsive therapy.

(d) If the physician or healthcare provider will be administering List A anesthesia or analgesia in conjunction with electroconvulsive therapy, the panel recommends utilization of the panel's Disclosure and Consent - Anesthesia and /or Perioperative Pain Management (Analgesia) form set out at §604.5(1) or (2) of this chapter (relating to Disclosure and Consent Form for Anesthesia and/or Perioperative Pain Management (Analgesia)) to document disclosure and consent for the anesthesia and analgesia. The panel's form includes the risks and hazards identified by the panel for List A anesthesia and analgesia.

Source Note: The provisions of this §604.3 adopted to be effective December 26, 2023, 48 TexReg 7997

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