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RULE §374.4Application and Selection Process

(a) Application and selection process.

  (1) An applicant must submit an application for a grant directly to the Commission in the time and manner specified by the Commission.

  (2) An application received after the deadline will not be considered.

  (3) A panel selected by the Commission reviews and evaluates eligible, complete, and timely applications in accordance with the evaluation methodology published in the request for proposal or other notice of potential grant award issued by the Commission.

(b) Selection criteria. In selecting a grantee, the Commission must consider:

  (1) the extent to which an applicant's proposed program meets the objectives established by Texas Government Code §531.09915; and

  (2) other criteria established by the Commission as described in the specific request for proposal or other notice of potential grant award issued by the Commission.

(c) Award prioritization. In selecting grantees, the Commission prioritizes entities that work with children and family members of children with a high risk of experiencing a crisis or developing a mental health condition to reduce:

  (1) the need for future intensive mental health services;

  (2) the number of children at risk of placement in foster care or the juvenile justice system; or

  (3) the demand for placement in:

    (A) a state hospital, as defined in Texas Health and Safety Code §552.0011;

    (B) an inpatient mental health facility, as defined in Texas Health and Safety Code §571.003; and

    (C) a residential behavioral health facility.

(d) Contract execution.

  (1) Grantees are required to execute a contract with the Commission on mutually agreeable terms and conditions in the manner and format prescribed by the Commission.

  (2) The Commission does not distribute grant funds to a grantee before the execution of a contract with the Commission.

  (3) A grantee is required under the contract to comply with:

    (A) the performance objectives established by the Commission and monitored by the Commission through progress reports;

    (B) any financial and reporting requirements established by the Commission;

    (C) all applicable policies and procedures; and

    (D) all applicable federal and state laws and their implementing regulations.

Source Note: The provisions of this §374.4 adopted to be effective November 1, 2023, 48 TexReg 6213

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