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RULE §901.4Volunteer Services Councils

(a) A VSC may generate resources to enhance the lives of the people served at a facility.

(b) The community relations director and volunteer and community relations unit may work with a VSC to enhance fund-raising activities.

(c) The state supported living center director and community relations director are nonvoting members of the VSC board associated with the state supported living center.

(d) The state hospital superintendent and community relations director are nonvoting members of the VSC board associated with the state hospital.

(e) No employee may sign a VSC check or use a VSC debit or credit card.

(f) The volunteer and community relations unit may maintain a VSC petty cash fund of up to $300.00 to be used for the benefit of persons served by a facility.

  (1) The community relations director may make expenditures of up to $300.00 from the petty cash fund on behalf of the VSC for the benefit of persons served.

  (2) The community relations director must appoint a primary and alternate custodian for the VSC petty cash fund.

  (3) The primary custodian for the petty cash fund is responsible for maintaining receipts and accurate documentation of all funds disbursed and for furnishing this documentation to the VSC treasurer.

  (4) An officer of the VSC, or an employee outside of the volunteer and community relations unit, must reconcile the petty cash fund at least once every two months.

(g) The volunteer and community relations unit may process and issue receipts for donations to the VSC.

(h) A facility may provide the following items of support for the VSC:

  (1) office space;

  (2) fund-raising assistance;

  (3) clerical and administrative services;

  (4) assistance in the coordination of activities; and

  (5) other items or services requested by the VSC upon approval by the associate commissioner.

(i) Funds generated by the VSC may be used only for:

  (1) the needs of a person served;

  (2) the enhancement of existing facility operations;

  (3) recognition and education projects;

  (4) new initiatives to improve the quality of life for persons served;

  (5) employee recognition events; and

  (6) other expenses specifically authorized by the VSC board of directors.

(j) The VSC must not use funds or reference the facility's name or branding for:

  (1) recognition events, receptions, or gifts for a legislator;

  (2) political contributions, political advertisements, or lobbying efforts;

  (3) alcoholic beverages, unless used at an off-campus fund-raising event;

  (4) loans, including travel advances;

  (5) operating programs, or contracting for programs on behalf of a facility;

  (6) cash awards or salary supplementation for employees; and

  (7) other purposes determined by HHSC to be unethical, unlawful, or inappropriate.

(k) All funds and goods donated to the VSC remain the property of the VSC until a facility accepts them.

(l) The Health and Specialty Care System has the right to review and approve all VSC donations of real property and any permanent improvements to existing real property that may be donated to a facility by a VSC.

Source Note: The provisions of this §901.4 adopted to be effective February 6, 2019, 44 TexReg 479

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