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RULE §11.1402Notification to Physicians and Providers

(a) An HMO that provides coverage for health care services or medical care through one or more physicians or providers is required by Insurance Code §843.305 (concerning Annual Application Period for Physician and Providers to Contract) to provide a 20-calendar day period each calendar year during which any provider or physician in the geographic service area may apply to participate in each of the HMO's networks providing health care services or medical care under the terms and conditions established by the HMO for the provision of the services and the designation of the physicians and providers. Section 843.305 may not be construed to:

  (1) require that an HMO use a particular type of provider or physician in its operation;

  (2) require that an HMO accept a physician or provider of a category or type that does not meet the practice standards and qualifications established by the HMO; or

  (3) require that an HMO contract directly with the physicians or providers.

(b) An HMO subject to Insurance Code §843.305 must publish a notice of an application period to physicians and providers both in the public notice section of at least one major newspaper with general circulation in each of its service areas and on the HMO's website. The notice must be published for at least five consecutive days during the period of January 2 through January 23 of each calendar year and must include the caption "Notice to Physicians and Providers" in bold type, the name and address of the HMO, what networks the HMO provides, and the specific dates of the 20-day period during which physicians and providers may make application to be a participating physician or provider in each network.

(c) An HMO must notify a physician or provider of acceptance or nonacceptance, in writing, no later than 90 days from receipt of an application for participation by that physician or provider in a network.

(d) An HMO must file a copy of the published notice with the department in compliance with §11.301 of this title (relating to Filing Requirements), for information, within 30 days of publication. The filing must include the following:

  (1) the name of the newspaper and the beginning and ending date of the publication; and

  (2) a copy of the website screen shots and the beginning and ending date of the publication.

Source Note: The provisions of this §11.1402 adopted to be effective August 1, 2017, 42 TexReg 2169

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