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RULE §276.8Ethics Committee

(a) OIEC's Ethics Committee shall be made up of OIEC staff who serve two-year staggered terms. The Ethics Committee is made up of the agency's Ethics Officer, who is an attorney and shall serve as the Chair of the Committee, and a group of employees from other programs within OIEC. The Ethics Officer also provides training, specific consultation to the Public Counsel and agency management, and serves as the legal counsel for all matters regarding ethics for the agency. The Public Counsel may appoint an external stakeholder to the Ethics Committee in appropriate circumstances to provide a broader perspective of the issue before the Committee. The Ethics Committee meets to address ethical issues that are submitted to the Committee and to recommend resolution.

(b) The mission statement for OIEC's Ethics Committee is to practice and promote the highest standards of ethical behavior within OIEC. In order to set the highest standards of conduct, including avoiding the appearance of impropriety in the operation of our goals to assist, educate, and advocate on behalf of injured employees in Texas, the members of the Ethics Committee are committed to: assuring honesty and confidentiality in all matters that are stated or testified before the Committee, faithfully adhering to the agency's code of ethics, educating agency personnel on ethics and standards of conduct, making recommendations, and providing solutions.

Source Note: The provisions of this §276.8 adopted to be effective September 11, 2011, 36 TexReg 5922

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