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RULE §305.44Signatories to Applications

(a) All applications shall be signed as follows.

  (1) For a corporation, the application shall be signed by a responsible corporate officer. For purposes of this paragraph, a responsible corporate officer means a president, secretary, treasurer, or vice-president of the corporation in charge of a principal business function, or any other person who performs similar policy or decision-making functions for the corporation; or the manager of one or more manufacturing, production, or operating facilities employing more than 250 persons or having gross annual sales or expenditures exceeding $25 million (in second-quarter 1980 dollars), if authority to sign documents has been assigned or delegated to the manager in accordance with corporate procedures. Corporate procedures governing authority to sign permit or post-closure order applications may provide for assignment or delegation to applicable corporate positions rather than to specific individuals.

  (2) For a partnership or sole proprietorship, the application shall be signed by a general partner or the proprietor, respectively.

  (3) For a municipality, state, federal, or other public agency, the application shall be signed by either a principal executive officer or a ranking elected official. For purposes of this paragraph, a principal executive officer of a federal agency includes the chief executive officer of the agency, or a senior executive officer having responsibility for the overall operations of a principal geographic unit of the agency (e.g., regional administrator of the EPA).

(b) A person signing an application shall make the following certification: "I certify under penalty of law that this document and all attachments were prepared under my direction or supervision in accordance with a system designed to assure that qualified personnel properly gather and evaluate the information submitted. Based on my inquiry of the person or persons who manage the system, or those persons directly responsible for gathering the information, the information submitted is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true, accurate, and complete. I am aware there are significant penalties for submitting false information, including the possibility of fine and imprisonment for knowing violations."

(c) For a hazardous solid waste permit or a post-closure order, the application must be signed by the owner and operator of the facility.

(d) For radioactive material license applications under Chapter 336 of this title (relating to Radioactive Substance Rules), the applicant or person duly authorized to act for and on the applicant's behalf must sign the application.

Source Note: The provisions of this §305.44 adopted to be effective June 19, 1986, 11 TexReg 2591; amended to be effective July 14, 1987, 12 TexReg 2102; amended to be effective October 8, 1990, 15 TexReg 5492; amended to be effective June 5, 1997, 22 TexReg 4583; amended to be effective January 30, 2003, 28 TexReg 705

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