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RULE §312.144Transporters--Vehicle and Equipment

(a) Marking and identification. Owners or operators of specially equipped vacuum pump trucks, tanks, or containers used for the collection and/or over-the-road transportation of wastes regulated under this subchapter shall prominently mark such trucks, tanks, or containers to show the following:

  (1) company name;

  (2) telephone number;

  (3) authorization stickers (motor vehicles only); and

  (4) the commission assigned registration number on both sides of the vehicles or receptacle.

    (A) The registration number shall be a minimum of two inches in height, in block numbers permanently affixed. The registration number must be clearly visible at a distance of 50 feet.

    (B) The company name and phone number, authorization stickers, and the registration number shall be removed from the trucks, tanks, or containers, by the registrant, when it is no longer authorized by the commission or leaves the control of the person(s) holding the registration.

(b) Sanitation standards. All vehicles and equipment used for the collection and transportation of the wastes regulated under this subchapter shall be constructed, operated, and maintained to prevent loss of liquid or solid waste materials and to prevent health nuisance and safety hazards to operating personnel and the public. Collection vehicles and equipment shall be maintained in a sanitary condition to preclude nuisance conditions such as odors and insect breeding.

(c) Mixing of incompatible wastes. Mixing of incompatible wastes within the same container is prohibited. Transporters shall not use the same container or pumping equipment to collect or transport incompatible waste without first emptying and cleaning the container and equipment of all previously handled wastes. For purposes of this subsection, incompatible waste are wastes which have different processing, storage, or disposal requirements. However, transporters may mix wastes with different characteristics provided the facility to which the waste is being transported is authorized to store, process, or dispose of such mixed wastes.

(d) Site gauges. All closed vehicles, tanks, or containers used to transport liquid wastes regulated by this subchapter shall have sight gauges maintained in a manner which can be used to determine whether or not a vehicle is loaded and the approximate capacity. Gauges are not required to read in gallons or liters, but shall show what percentage of the tank capacity is filled. An alternate method to measure actual volumes may be utilized with prior written approval from the Executive Director.

(e) Septage transport. If the vehicles, tanks, or containers are used to transport domestic septage to a beneficial use site, the registrant shall keep records showing how the domestic septage met the pathogen and vector attraction reduction requirements listed in §312.82(c) of this title (relating to Pathogen Reduction) and §312.83 of this title (relating to Vector Attraction Reduction). Copies of records pertaining to the pathogen and vector attraction reduction requirements shall be maintained on the vehicles for a minimum of one month and at the beneficial use site and transporter office for a minimum of five years.

(f) Discharge valves. All closed vehicles, tanks, or containers used to transport liquid wastes regulated by this subchapter shall prominently mark all discharge valves and ports. All discharge ports shall be visible and readily accessible.

(g) Inspection. All transport vehicles shall include, but are not limited to, trucks, portable tanks, trailers, barges, or similar transport vehicles/receptacles and are subject to inspection by commission staff authorized by the executive director. If a transport vehicle fails the inspection, the authorization sticker and the commission assigned registration number are to be removed from the vehicle and that vehicle is not authorized to transport waste until the vehicle is reinspected and passes.

Source Note: The provisions of this §312.144 adopted to be effective September 28, 1994, 19 TexReg 7182.

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