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RULE §317.8Design and Operation Features

(a) Laboratory control.

  (1) Facilities. Laboratory capability for operational control and testing shall be provided. The laboratory should be located on ground level and easily accessible to the treatment plant and sampling points. The laboratory should be located away from vibrating machinery or equipment which could have an adverse effect on the performance of the operation of laboratory instruments. The extent of the equipment to be provided and the specific tests to be performed will vary according to capacity and type of plant. As a minimum, provisions should be made at all plants so that chemicals and equipment are available for performing such on-site tests as settleable solids (Imhoff cone), 30-minute settleability, dissolved oxygen, pH, and chlorine residual. For plants with a design flow of 1.0 mgd to 5.0 mgd, equipment shall also be provided to determine suspended solids concentration. All plants with design flows in excess of 5.0 mgd shall have access to facilities to provide all permit required compliance monitoring, plus volatile suspended solids, nitrogen series, and alkalinity determinations (if anaerobic sludge digestion is used). Alternately, such tests may be performed under contract with other laboratories. Special consideration, for treatment plants located in remote or vandal prone areas, may be given by the commission to methods for storing chemicals and analytical equipment at an off-site location. Provisions shall be made in all cases to provide for the requirements of the commission self-reporting system procedures and for proper monitoring of significant industrial connections. These requirements are minimum requirements only; additional provisions may be needed to insure optimum plant operations. Raw waste characterization should be provided for all facilities with a design flow in excess of 5.0 mgd and for all facilities anticipating a plant expansion.

  (2) Air conditioning. All laboratories shall be air conditioned and heated to maintain a constant temperature.

(b) Office and toilet facilities. Hand washing facilities should be provided for the protection of operating personnel. Office, showers, toilets, heating, proper lighting, and ventilation shall be provided where operators are to be stationed at the plant for operating shifts. The needs of male and female employees, the handicapped, and visitors to the plant should be considered in the design of sanitary facilities.

(c) Tool shed and workshop. Appropriate facilities should be provided for the storage of tools and spare parts, and a workshop should be provided to allow repairs and maintenance.

(d) Landscaping and beautification. Upon completion of the treatment plant, the grounds should be properly graded for surface drainage. Asphalt, concrete, gravel, or shell walkways should be provided for access to all treatment units and to the final sampling point. Where possible, steep slopes should be avoided to prevent erosion. Surface water shall not be allowed to drain into any unit. Particular care shall be taken to protect trickling filter beds, sludge drying beds, and intermittent sand filters from storm water runoff. Provision should be made for landscaping and plant site beautification, particularly when a plant is visible to the public.

Source Note: The provisions of this §317.8 adopted to be effective November 26, 2015, 40 TexReg 8341

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