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RULE §328.71Closure Cost Estimate for Financial Assurance

(a) As part of a facility's registration application, an owner or operator of a scrap tire storage site must prepare a written estimate, certified by a professional engineer, in current dollars, of the cost of hiring a third party to close the facility(ies). The closure cost for scrap tire storage sites is determined by the sum of paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection:

  (1) The estimated cost for a third party to transport and dispose of the maximum site capacity of used or scrap tires and tire pieces as depicted by the site layout plan. The estimate shall include equipment and operator time for loading tires and disposal costs.

  (2) The estimated cost for a third party to complete cleanup of the site of any and all debris, as well as dismantling any equipment used in the processing of whole tires into shreds or used to recycle whole tires or shredded tires into manufactured products, securing the site, and preventing access to the equipment or removing it from the site to a location acceptable to the executive director; or the amount of $3,000, whichever is greater.

(b) The closure cost estimate must equal the cost of closing the facility based on the maximum number of whole tires stored at the facility, the maximum volume of tire pieces, and disabling any equipment as disclosed in the facility's registration application. The executive director shall evaluate and determine the amount for which evidence of financial assurance is required. The closure cost estimate provided by the owner or operator may be amended by the executive director. In some cases, the closure cost estimate may not be sufficient which means that the owner or operator remains responsible for the entire costs to close the site.

(c) Any amendment application shall include a recalculation of the closure cost estimate based on any requested volume increases. Facilities shall not increase the volume of whole tires or tire pieces generated from out of state and stored at the facility until the registration amendment has been approved by the executive director. Only upon approval of the executive director will the amended registration closure cost estimate be the basis for determining the amount of financial assurance required.

(d) The quantities of scrap tires reported on the registration application form and used in the calculation of financial assurance shall be obtained from the site layout plan volumes by using the following conversion factors:

  (1) a typical whole tire shall be considered to occupy four cubic feet unless an exact count of all whole tires is to be maintained by an operator and shall be considered to weigh 20 pounds; and

  (2) a cubic yard of tire shreds or pieces shall be considered to weigh no more than 950 pounds; however, other verifiable data may be used if accepted and approved by the executive director.

(e) The calculated capacity of a site as calculated for closure may not be exceeded without the submission and approval of an amended registration application specifically including, but not limited to, new site layout plans to substantiate the revised capacity and new closure calculations based upon the depicted volumetric capacity converted to weights, posting of the revised financial assurance and written approval for the amended registration. The owner or operator is also responsible for submitting a registration amendment to revise the closure cost estimate whenever requested to do so by the executive director. Registration amendments with revised closure cost estimates shall be submitted to the executive director within 15 days of the executive director's written request to revise the closure cost estimate.

(f) The owner or operator must keep at the facility during the operating life of the facility a copy of the latest approved closure cost estimate and a copy of the current financial assurance mechanism.

(g) Financial assurance required under this section shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 37, Subchapter M of this title (relating to Financial Assurance Requirements for Scrap Tire Sites).

(h) Closure will begin when:

  (1) the executive director deems the facility abandoned; or

  (2) the registration expires, is terminated, or revoked or a new or renewal registration is denied; or

  (3) closure is ordered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or a United States District Court or other court of competent jurisdiction.

(i) Following a determination that the owner or operator has failed to perform closure in accordance with the registration requirements when required to do so or when closure begins under the circumstances outlined in subsection (h) of this section, the executive director may terminate or revoke the registration and draw on the financial assurance funds.

Source Note: The provisions of this §328.71 adopted to be effective September 5, 1999, 24 TexReg 6761; amended to be effective March 29, 2001, 26 TexReg 2405; amended to be effective October 7, 2010, 35 TexReg 8965

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