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RULE §329.8Application for Permit

(a) A technical report prepared either by a registered professional engineer, or by a qualified person who is competent and experienced in the field to which the application relates or who is thoroughly familiar with the operation or project for which the application is made, shall be submitted as part of the application for new permit. At a minimum, the report shall include the following:

  (1) a general description and intended purpose of all facilities and systems proposed to be used for, or in connection with, construction and operation of a shaft by mining or drilling;

  (2) a surveyor's plat showing the exact location from property lines and survey lines, and giving the latitude and longitude of the shaft and a map(s) showing the location of the shaft for which a permit is sought, and the applicable area of review. Within the area of review, the map(s) must show the number, name, and location of all boreholes and other pertinent surface features;

  (3) a tabulation of data of all boreholes within the applicable area of review. Such data shall include a description of each penetration's type, construction, date drilled, location, depth, record of plugging and completion, and any additional information the executive director may require;

  (4) maps and cross-sections, as necessary, indicating the general vertical and lateral limits of aquifers within the applicable area of review, their positions relative to the formation, or formations, or stratigraphic units the shaft is constructed to reach;

  (5) the text of the report shall discuss the geology, hydrogeology, and groundwater use and development within the applicable area of review; and with respect to the shaft: design, construction, sealing, decommissioning, mechanical integrity, operating procedures and monitoring.

(b) After an appropriate review, the executive director may modify the requirements for application of this section if he finds that additional information is required to evaluate the shaft, or that information required herein is not reasonably available and is not necessary for a full evaluation of the application.

Source Note: The provisions of this §329.8 adopted to be effective May 13, 1986, 11 TexReg 1978.

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