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RULE §336.1015Maintenance of Records and Reports

(a) Each licensee shall maintain any records and submit any reports required by the conditions of the license, by the rules in this chapter, or by orders of the commission. Copies of any records or reports required by the license, rules, or orders must be submitted to the executive director or commission upon request. All records and reports required by the license, rules, or orders must be complete and accurate.

(b) Records that are required by the rules in this chapter or by license conditions must be maintained for a period specified by the appropriate rules or by license condition. If a retention period is not otherwise specified, these records must be maintained and transferred to the executive director as specified in subsection (e) of this section as a condition of license termination unless the executive director otherwise authorizes their disposition.

(c) Each record required by this chapter must be legible throughout the specified retention period. The record must be the original or a reproduced copy or a microform, provided that the copy or microform is authenticated by authorized personnel and that the microform is capable of producing a clear copy throughout the required retention period. The record may also be stored in electronic media with the capability for producing legible, accurate, and complete records during the required retention period. Records, such as letters, drawings, and specifications, must include all pertinent information, such as stamps, initials, and signatures. The licensee shall maintain adequate safeguards against tampering with and the loss of records.

(d) If there is a conflict between the commission's rules, license condition, or other written approval or authorization from the executive director pertaining to the retention period for the same type of record, the longest retention period specified takes precedence.

(e) Notwithstanding subsections (a) - (d) of this section, the licensee shall record the location, the quantity of wastes, and the radioactivity content by radionuclide of waste disposed and shall transfer these records upon license termination to the executive director and to such other government agencies or officials as designated by the commission.

(f) The licensee shall maintain copies of waste manifests of shipments received at the disposal facility. Following receipt and acceptance of a shipment of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) waste, the licensee shall record the date that the shipment was received at the disposal facility; the date of disposal of the NORM waste; a traceable shipment manifest number; the containment integrity of the NORM waste disposal containers as received; any discrepancies between materials listed on the manifest and those received; the volume of any pallets, bracing, or other shipping materials, or of materials generated on site, that are contaminated and are disposed of as contaminated or suspect materials; and any evidence of leaking or damaged disposal containers or radiation or contamination levels in excess of limits specified in rules of the United States Department of Transportation or the Department of State Health Services. The licensee shall briefly describe any repackaging operations of any of the disposal containers included in the shipment, plus any other information required by the commission as a license condition. The licensee shall retain these records until the commission transfers or terminates the license that authorizes the activities described in this section.

(g) Each licensee authorized to dispose of NORM waste received from other persons shall file a copy of its financial report or a certified financial statement annually with the executive director in order to update the information base for determining financial qualifications.

(h) Annual reports must be submitted.

  (1) Each licensee authorized to dispose of NORM waste received from other persons under this subchapter shall submit annual reports to the executive director. Reports must be submitted by the end of the first calendar quarter of each year for the preceding year.

  (2) The annual reports must include:

    (A) specification of the quantity of each radionuclide released to unrestricted areas in liquid and in airborne effluents during the preceding year;

    (B) the results of the environmental monitoring program;

    (C) a summary of radioactivities and quantities of radionuclides disposed of;

    (D) any instances in which observed site characteristics were significantly different from those described in the application for a license; and

    (E) any other information that the executive director may require.

  (3) If the quantities of radioactive materials released during the reporting period, monitoring results, or maintenance performed are significantly different from those expected in the documents previously reviewed as part of the licensing action, the annual report must cover this specifically.

(i) An electronic recordkeeping system must be maintained. In addition to the other requirements of this section, the licensee shall store, or have stored, manifest and other information pertaining to receipt and disposal of NORM waste in an electronic recordkeeping system that is available for review by commission inspectors.

Source Note: The provisions of this §336.1015 adopted to be effective July 21, 2005, 30 TexReg 4127

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