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RULE §336.1113Specific Terms and Conditions of Licenses

Unless otherwise specified, each license issued in accordance with this section is subject to the requirements of §305.125 of this title (relating to Standard Permit Conditions) and the following.

  (1) Daily inspection of any by-product material retention systems shall be conducted by the licensee. General qualifications for individuals conducting inspections shall be approved by the agency. Records of the inspections shall be maintained for review by the agency.

  (2) In addition to the applicable requirements of §336.350 and §336.352 of this title (relating to Reports of Stolen, Lost, or Missing Licensed Radioactive Material and Reports of Exposures, Radiation Levels, and Concentrations of Radioactive Material Exceeding the Limits), the licensee shall immediately notify the agency of the following:

    (A) any failure in a by-product material retention system that results in a release of by-product material into unrestricted areas or of any unusual conditions (conditions not contemplated in the design of the retention system) that if not corrected could indicate the potential or lead to failure of the system and result in a release of by-product material into unrestricted areas;

    (B) any release of radioactive material that exceeds the concentrations for water listed in Table II, Column 2, of §336.359 of this title (relating to Appendix B. Annual Limits in Intake (ALI) and Derived Air Concentrations (DAC) of Radionuclides for Occupational Exposure; Effluent Concentrations; Concentrations for Release to Sanitary Sewerage) and that extends beyond the licensed boundary;

    (C) any spill that exceeds 20,000 gallons and that exceeds the concentrations for water listed in Table II, Column 2, of §336.359 of this title; or

    (D) any release of solids that exceeds the limits in §336.1115(e) of this title (relating to Expiration and Termination of Licenses; Decommissioning of Sites, Separate Buildings or Outdoor Areas) and that extends beyond the licensed boundary.

  (3) In addition to the applicable requirements of Chapter 327 of this title (relating to Spill Prevention and Control) and §336.350 and §336.352 of this title, the licensee shall notify the agency within 24 hours of the following:

    (A) any spill that extends:

      (i) beyond the wellfield monitor well ring;

      (ii) more than 400 feet from an injection or production well pipe artery to or from a recovery plant; or

      (iii) more than 200 feet from a recovery plant; or

    (B) any spill that exceeds 2,000 gallons and that exceeds the concentrations for water listed in Table II, Column 2, of §336.359 of this title.

  (4) A written report to the executive director within 30 days after learning of the occurrence of a spill as described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of this paragraph. The report shall include the following:

    (A) location of the spill;

    (B) cause of the spill;

    (C) corrective steps taken or planned to ensure against a recurrence; and

    (D) timely schedule for remediation of the spill or release, if required.

  (5) At any time before termination of the license, the licensee shall submit written statements under oath upon request of the commission or executive director to enable the commission to determine whether or not the license should be modified, suspended, or revoked.

  (6) The licensee shall be subject to the applicable provisions of Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 401, also known as the Texas Radiation Control Act (TRCA) now or hereafter in effect and to applicable rules and orders of the commission. The terms and conditions of the license are subject to amendment, revision, or modification, by reason of amendments to TRCA or by reason of rules and orders issued in accordance with terms of TRCA.

  (7) Any license may be revoked, suspended, or modified, in whole or in part, for any material false statement in the application or any statement of fact required under provisions of TRCA, or because of conditions revealed by any application or statement of fact or any report, record or inspection or other means that would warrant the commission to refuse to grant a license on the original application, or for failure to operate the facility in accordance with the terms of the license, or for any violation of or failure to observe any of the terms and conditions of TRCA or the license or of any rule or order of the commission.

  (8) Each person licensed by the commission under this subchapter shall confine possession and use of radioactive materials to the locations and purposes authorized in the license.

  (9) No by-product may be disposed of until the executive director has inspected the facility and has found it to be conformance with the description, design, and construction described in the application for a by-product disposal license. No by-product may be received for disposal at the facility until the executive director has approved financial assurance.

  (10) The commission may incorporate in any license at the time of issuance, or thereafter, by appropriate rule or order, additional requirements or conditions with respect to the licensee's receipt, possession, or disposal of by-product as it deems appropriate or necessary in order to:

    (A) protect the health and safety of the public and the environment; or

    (B) require reports and recordkeeping and to provide for inspections of activities under the licenses that may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate the purposes of TRCA and rules thereunder.

Source Note: The provisions of this §336.1113 adopted to be effective February 28, 2008, 33 TexReg 1570; amended to be effective March 12, 2009, 34 TexReg 1688; amended to be effective December 8, 2016, 41 TexReg 9583

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