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RULE §336.330Procedures for Receiving and Opening Packages

(a) Each licensee who expects to receive a package containing quantities of radioactive material in excess of a Type A quantity, as defined in §336.2 of this title (relating to Definitions), shall make arrangements to receive:

  (1) the package when the carrier offers it for delivery; or

  (2) notification of the arrival of the package at the carrier's terminal and to take possession of the package expeditiously.

(b) Each licensee shall monitor the external surfaces of a labeled (labeled with a Radioactive White I, Yellow II, or Yellow III label, as specified in United States Department of Transportation rules in 49 CFR 172.403 as amended through December 21, 1990, and 49 CFR 172.436-172.440 as amended through December 20, 1991) package for radioactive contamination unless the package contains:

  (1) only radioactive material in the form of gas or in special form, as defined in §336.2 of this title; and

  (2) quantities of radioactive material that are less than or equal to the Type A quantity, as defined in §336.2 of this title; and

  (3) monitor all packages known to contain radioactive material for radioactive contamination and radiation levels if there is evidence of degradation of package integrity, such as packages that are crushed, wet, or damaged.

(c) The licensee shall perform the monitoring required by subsection (b) of this section as soon as practical after receipt of the package, but not later than 3 hours after the package is received at the licensee's facility if it is received during the licensee's normal working hours, or not later than 3 hours after the beginning of the next working day if it is received after working hours.

(d) The licensee shall immediately notify the final delivery carrier and, by telephone and telegram, mailgram, or facsimile, the executive director and the Texas Department of Health when:

  (1) Removable radioactive surface contamination exceeds the limits of 10 CFR 71.87(i) as amended through September 28, 1995 (60 FedReg 50264) (Routine Determinations).

  (2) External radiation levels exceed the limits of 10 CFR 71.47 as amended through September 28, 1995 (60 FedReg 50264) (External Radiation Standards for All Packages).

(e) Each licensee shall:

  (1) establish, maintain, and retain written procedures for safely opening packages in which radioactive material is received; and

  (2) ensure that the procedures are followed and that due consideration is given to special instructions for the type of package being opened.

Source Note: The provisions of this §336.330 adopted to be effective June 5, 1997, 22 TexReg 4588.

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