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RULE §7.7Surveyor's Reports, General

(a) A written surveyor's report is required for all surveys made in connection with vacancy filings and for surveys made in connection with applications to purchase excess acreage.

(b) The commissioner may also require surveyor's reports in connection with any survey to be filed in the General Land Office where it is considered necessary to clarify the surveyor's plat or field notes.

(c) The surveyor's report must be written in such a manner so that the construction of the surveys covered in the report can be fully comprehended by any one familiar with the statutes and/or case law pertaining to the construction of surveys.

(d) In general, the surveyor's report will consist of the following:

  (1) History of the surveys involved.

  (2) Explanation of the actual survey on the ground with descriptions of corners, marked lines, natural objects, etc., located in the survey. The description of corners should be related to the accompanying plat.

  (3) Analysis of the survey. The surveyor should explain his or her construction of the surveys on his or her plat, based upon the history of the area and his or her findings on the ground, applying the statutes and/or case law pertaining to surveying.

  (4) A summary.

  (5) The report shall be dated and signed, with the appropriate seal affixed.

Source Note: The provisions of this §7.7 adopted to be effective March 6, 2011, 36 TexReg 1337

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