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RULE §57.112Exotic Harmful or Potentially Harmful Fish, Shellfish, and Aquatic Plants

(a) The exotic species listed in this section are designated as harmful or potentially harmful, including any hybrid of a species, subspecies, eggs, juveniles, seeds, or reproductive or regenerative parts of any species.

(b) Scientific reclassification or change in nomenclature of taxa at any level in taxonomic hierarchy will not, in and of itself, result in removal from the list of exotic harmful or potentially harmful species in this section.

(c) The following are harmful or potentially harmful exotic species, listed alphabetically and by family:

  (1) Fishes.

    (A) Family Acestrorhynchidae (South American pike characoids)--all species of genus Acestrorhynchus;

    (B) Family Alestiidae (African tiger fishes)--all species of genus Hydrocynus;

    (C) Family Anguillidae (freshwater eels)--all species of this family except Anguilla rostrata (American eel);

    (D) Family Centropomidae (Nile perch)--all species of genus Lates;

    (E) Family Cetopsidae (whale catfishes)--all species of this family;

    (F) Family Characidae (dourados and piranhas):

      (i) Dourados--all species of genus Salminus; and

      (ii) Piranhas--all species of genera Catoprion, Pristobrycon, Pygocentrus, Pygopristis, and Serrasalmus;

    (G) Family Channidae (snakeheads)--all species of this family;

    (H) Family Cichlidae (tilapia)--all species of genera Coelotilapia, Coptodon Heterotilapia, Oreochromis, Pelmatolapia, Sarotherodon, and Tilapia;

    (I) Family Citharinidae, subfamily Distichodontinae (African lute fishes)--all species of genera Belonophago, Euganthichthys, Ichthyborus, Mesoborus, Phago, and Paraphago;

    (J) Family Clariidae (walking catfishes)--all species of this family;

    (K) Family Ctenoluciidae (South American pike characids)--all species of genera Ctenolucius and Boulengerella;

    (L) Family Cynodontidae (dogtooth characins: payara and vampire tetras)--all species of genera Cynodon, Hydrolycus, and Rhaphiodon;

    (M) Family Cyprinidae (carps and minnows):

      (i) Asps--all species of genera Aspius, Aspiolucius, and Pseudaspius;

      (ii) Old World breams--all species of genera Abramis, Blicca, Megalobrama, and Parabramis;

      (iii) Bighead, silver, and largescale carp--all species of genus Hypophthalmichthys;

      (iv) Black carp--all species of genus Mylopharyngodon;

      (v) Grass carp--all species of genus Ctenopharyngodon;

      (vi) Catla--all species of genera Cirrhinus, Thynnichthys, and Gibelion;

      (vii) European daces--all species of genus Leuciscus;

      (viii) Barbs and mahseers--all species of genera Tor and Neolissochilus;

      (ix) Roaches--all species of genus Rutilus;

      (x) Rudds--all species of genus Scardinius;

      (xi) Yellowcheek--all species of genus Elopichthys;

      (xii) Giant barb--all species of genus Catlocarpio;

      (xiii) Sharkminnows--all species of genus Labeo except L. chrysophekadion (black sharkminnow); and

      (xiv) Stone moroko--Pseudorasbora parva;

    (N) Family Electrophoridae (electric eels)--Electrophorus electricus (electric eel);

    (O) Family Erythrinidae (trahiras)--all species of this family;

    (P) Family Gobiidae (round gobies)--all species of genus Neogobius;

    (Q) Family Hepsetidae (African pike fishes)--all species of this family;

    (R) Family Heteropneustidae (airsac catfishes)--all species of this family;

    (S) Family Malapteruridae (electric catfishes)--all species of this family;

    (T) Family Moronidae (temperate basses)--all species of this family except Morone chrysops (white bass), M. mississippiensis (yellow bass), and M. saxatilis (striped bass), and hybrids of these species;

    (U) Family Odontobutidae (freshwater sleepers)--Perccottus glenii (Amur sleeper);

    (V) Family Osphronemidae (Asian pikeheads)--all species of genus Luciocephalus;

    (W) Family Osteoglossidae (arapaima)--all species of genus Arapaima;

    (X) Family Percichthyidae (temperate perches)--all species of this family;

    (Y) Family Percidae (perch):

      (i) Pikeperches--all species of genus Sander except S. canadensis and S. vitreus (sauger and walleye) and hybrids of these species;

      (ii) European ruffes--all species of genus Gymnocephalus;

      (iii) European perch (also called redfin)--Perca fluviatilis;

    (Z) Family Petromyzontidae (lampreys)--all species of this family except Ichthyomyzon castaneus (chestnut lamprey) and I. gagei (Southern brook lamprey);

    (AA) Family Poeciliidae (Pike Killifish)--Belonesox belizanus;

    (BB) Family Potamotrygonidae (freshwater stingrays)--all species of this family;

    (CC) Family Sciaenidae (seatrouts and corvinas)--all species of genus Cynoscion except C. arenarius (sand seatrout), C. nebulosus (spotted seatrout), and C. nothus (silver seatrout);

    (DD) Family Scorpaenidae (marine stonefishes)--all species of genera Choridactylus, Dampierosa, Erosa, Inimicus, Leptosynanceia, Minous, Pseudosynanceia, Synanceia, and Trachicephalus;

    (EE) Family Siluridae (European and Asian catfishes)--Silurus glanis (Wels catfish);

    (FF) Family Synbranchidae (swamp eels, rice eels, or one-gilled eels)--all species of this family; and

    (GG) Family Trichomycteridae (South American parasitic Candiru catfishes)--all species of this family.

  (2) Shellfish.

    (A) Family Ampullariidae (applesnails):

      (i) Applesnails--all species of genus Pomacea except P. bridgesi (sometimes also known as P. diffusa; spiketop applesnail); and

      (ii) Giant rams-horn snails--all species of genus Marisa;

    (B) Family Dreissenidae (zebra and quagga mussels)--all species of genus Dreissena;

    (C) Family Hydrobiidae (mud snails)--all species of this family;

    (D) Family Mytilidae (mussels)--Limnoperna fortunei (golden mussel);

    (E) Family Ostreidae (oysters)--all species of this family except Crassostrea rhizophorae (mangrove oyster), C. virginica (Eastern oyster), Dendostrea frons (frond oyster), Ostrea stentina (dwarf oyster), and O. permollis (sponge oyster);

    (F) Family Parastacidae (Southern hemisphere freshwater crayfishes, including redclaw crayfish)--all species of this family;

    (G) Family Penaeidae (penaeid shrimps)--all species of genera Farfantepenaeus, Fenneropenaeus, Litopenaeus, Marsupenaeus, Melicertus, and Penaeus, except Litopenaeus setiferus (white shrimp), Farfantepenaeus aztecus (brown shrimp), and F. duorarum (pink shrimp); and

    (H) Family Varunidae (mitten crabs)--all species of genus Eriocheir

  (3) Aquatic Plants.

    (A) Family Amaranthaceae (alligatorweed)--Alternanthera philoxeroides;

    (B) Family Anacardiaceae (Brazilian peppertree)--Schinus terebinthifolius;

    (C) Family Araceae

      (i) Dotted duckweed--Landoltia punctata;

      (ii) Waterlettuce--Pistia stratiotes;

    (D) Family Convolvulaceae (water spinach; also called ong choy, rau mong, and kangkong)--Ipomoea aquatica;

    (E) Family Haloragaceae (Eurasian watermilfoil)--Myriophyllum spicatum;

    (F) Family Hydrocharitaceae

      (i) Hydrilla--Hydrilla verticillata;

      (ii) African elodea (also called Lagarosiphon)--Lagarosiphon major; and

      (iii) Duck-lettuce--Ottelia alismoides;

    (G) Family Lythraceae (purple loosestrife)--Lythrum salicaria;

    (H) Family Menyanthaceae (floating hearts)--Nymphoides cristata (crested floating heart) and N. peltata (yellow floating heart);

    (I) Family Myrtaceae (paperbark, also called Melaleuca)--Melaleuca quinquenervia;

    (J) Family Plantaginaceae (ambulia, also called Asian marshweed)--Limnophila sessiliflora;

    (K) Family Poaceae (torpedograss)--Panicum repens;

    (L) Family Pontederiaceae

      (i) Water hyacinths--Eichhornia crassipes (floating water hyacinth) and E. azurea (rooted water hyacinth); and

      (ii) False pickerelweeds--all species of genus Monochoria;

    (M) Family Salviniaceae (salvinias)--all species of genus Salvinia;

    (N) Family Solanaceae (wetland nightshade, also called aquatic soda apple)--Solanum tampicense; and

    (O) Family Typhaceae (exotic bur-reed)--Sparganium erectum

Source Note: The provisions of this §57.112 adopted to be effective January 27, 2021, 46 TexReg 556

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