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RULE §65.262Definitions

The following words and terms, when used in this subchapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. All other words and terms shall have the meanings assigned by Parks and Wildlife Code.

  (1) Abatement permit--A special purpose permit issued by the FWS that allows the use of raptors to control nuisance wildlife.

  (2) Captive bred--Raptors, including eggs hatched in captivity, from parents that mated or otherwise reproduced in captivity.

  (3) Educational display--Activities conducted for the purposes of encouraging understanding of falconry, the management and conservation of raptors, or furthering awareness and understanding among the general public of the biology and ecological roles of protected wildlife.

  (4) Eyass--A young raptor that is still in the nest.

  (5) Falconer--A person legally allowed to take and fly raptors under a permit issued under the authority of Parks and Wildlife Code, Chapter 49, the laws of another state, or by the federal government.

    (A) An apprentice falconer is a person who holds an apprentice falconry permit.

    (B) A general falconer is a person who holds a general falconry permit.

    (C) A master falconer is a person who holds a master falconry permit.

  (6) FWS--The United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

  (7) Hack--Temporary release of a raptor to the wild. Hacking is a method used by falconers to condition raptors for falconry.

  (8) Holding--Retaining in captivity, but does not include the temporary possession of a raptor that is accidentally trapped and must be released.

  (9) Imping--Using a feather to replace a broken feather of a raptor.

  (10) Imprint--A raptor that is hand-raised in isolation from the sight of other raptors from two weeks of age until it is fully feathered.

  (11) Passage bird--A raptor less than one year of age that has left the nest.

  (12) Physician's statement--A written statement from a physician attesting that a long-term or permanent medical condition prevents a person from participating in trapping activities.

  (13) Raptor--A migratory bird of the Order Falconiformes or the Order Strigiformes.

  (14) Release to the wild--Permanent release of a raptor to an area where it is capable of leaving at will.

  (15) Sponsor--A general or master falconer who agrees to supervise the training of an apprentice falconer.

  (16) Take--To trap or capture, or attempt to trap or capture, a wild raptor.

  (17) Transfer--The change of possession of a raptor from one permitted person to another permitted person by mutual agreement and without the exchange or offer to exchange money or anything of value as a condition of the change in possession.

  (18) Type 1 band--A FWS plastic leg band, issued by the department, which must be attached to gyrfalcons, peregrine falcons, goshawks, and Harris' hawks.

  (19) Type 2 band--A FWS metal leg band, issued by the department, which must be attached to captive-bred raptors. This includes FWS replacement bands made of plastic.

  (20) Weathering area--Outdoor facilities providing a raptor protection from the environment.

  (21) Wild raptor--A raptor whose conception was not the result of the breeding of raptors in captivity.

Source Note: The provisions of this §65.262 adopted to be effective June 3, 2010, 35 TexReg 4425

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