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RULE §20.487Invoicing Standards

(a) To receive payment, a contractor must submit an invoice to the state agency receiving the goods or services. The invoice must include any information required by the customer agency, in addition to the following minimum information:

  (1) the contractor's mailing and e-mail (if applicable) address;

  (2) the contractor's telephone number;

  (3) the name and telephone number of a person designated by the contractor to answer questions regarding the invoice;

  (4) the state agency's name, agency number, and delivery address;

  (5) the state agency's purchase order number, if applicable;

  (6) the contract number or other reference number, if applicable;

  (7) a valid Texas identification number (TIN) issued by the comptroller;

  (8) a description of the goods or services, in sufficient detail to identify the order which relates to the invoice;

  (9) unit numbers corresponding to the amount of the invoice;

  (10) if submitting an invoice after receiving an assignment of a contract, the TIN of the original contractor and the TIN of the successor vendor;

  (11) other relevant information supporting and explaining the payment requested.

(b) A state agency must notify a vendor of an error or disputed amount in an invoice submitted for payment no later than the 21st day after the agency receives the invoice, and shall include in such notice a detailed statement of the amount of the invoice which is disputed. A state agency may withhold from payments no more than 110% of the disputed amount. When an invoice is received by the state agency, the state agency shall date stamp the invoice and maintain it with the other contract documents. A state agency may accept a partial delivery of goods or services and an invoice for payment of the portion of the goods or services delivered.

(c) A state agency may request payment for an invoice from the comptroller only after the state agency has:

  (1) received, inspected, and accepted delivery of the goods or services covered by the invoice; and

  (2) received and accepted a complete and accurate invoice.

(d) In order to request payment from the comptroller, the state agency shall submit the data or information to the comptroller for payment through and according to the requirements of the statewide accounting system administered by the comptroller. A state agency submitting a payment request to the comptroller certifies that:

  (1) the goods or services were received in accordance with the purchase order; and

  (2) the invoice is correct and properly payable.

Source Note: The provisions of this §20.487 adopted to be effective January 24, 2017, 42 TexReg 240; amended to be effective May 1, 2022, 47 TexReg 2562

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