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RULE §9.4240Request for RBA

(a) Right of appeal in RBA. A property owner or the property owner's agent may appeal an ARB order determining a protest of property value through RBA under the terms and conditions of this section. A single ARB order may be appealed to RBA by only one property owner, even if multiple property owners are listed.

(b) Requirements for processing. A request for RBA will be processed for arbitration under Tax Code, §41A.01, if:

  (1) The request for RBA concerns a property with an appraised or market value of $5 million or less as determined by the ARB order, or the property qualifies as the property owner's residence homestead under Tax Code, §11.13;

  (2) The only matter in dispute is the determination of a protest filed under either Tax Code, §41.41(a)(1), concerning the property's appraised or market value, or under Tax Code, §41.41(a)(2) concerning unequal appraisal of the property;

  (3) The deposit meets the requirements of Tax Code, §41A.03(a)(2), and §9.4204 and §9.4241 of this title;

  (4) Except as allowed by Tax Code, §41A.10, taxes on the property subject to the appeal are not delinquent because, for any prior year, all property taxes due have not been paid or because, for the year at issue, the undisputed tax amount was not paid before the delinquency date set by the applicable section of Tax Code, Chapter 31;

  (5) No lawsuit has been filed in district court regarding the property for the same issue for the same tax year; and

  (6) The request for RBA is timely filed pursuant to Tax Code, §41A.03, using the comptroller-prescribed form.

(c) Contiguous tracts. If the request for RBA involves contiguous tracts of land pursuant to Tax Code, §41A.03(a-1), each tract of land and ARB order must separately meet the requirements of subsection (b) of this section, except that a single arbitration deposit is required. The combined total value of all ARB orders appealed may exceed the $5 million threshold requirement in subsection (b)(1) of this section as long as each individual tract is valued at $5 million or less or has a residence homestead exemption. If the appraisal district indicates two or more tracts are not contiguous during its review of the property accounts subject to the request, the property owner may select the single or contiguous tracts that will be arbitrated during the 45-day settlement period. Otherwise, the arbitrator that accepts the appointment will move forward with the single or contiguous tracts that contain the property with the highest appraised or market value.

(d) Requests for in-county or out-of-county arbitrators. A property owner or the property owner's agent may request that the comptroller appoint an arbitrator for RBA who resides in the county in which the property that is the subject of the appeal is located or an arbitrator who resides outside that county. In appointing an initial arbitrator, the comptroller shall comply with the request of the property owner unless there is not an available arbitrator who resides in the county in which the property that is the subject of the request is located. In appointing a substitute arbitrator, the comptroller shall consider but is not required to comply with the request. This does not authorize a property owner to request the appointment of a specific individual as an arbitrator.

(e) Impact of LBA award on RBA request. If a property owner is granted a new ARB hearing as a result of an LBA award and the property owner has a pending request for RBA based on the same ARB proceedings that were at issue in the LBA, the property owner and appraisal district shall promptly notify the comptroller. The pending request for RBA will be considered withdrawn or dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, depending on its current status. The deposit shall be either paid to the arbitrator or refunded according to §9.4209 or §9.4244 of this title. This shall not impact the property owner's ability to file a new request for RBA based on a subsequent ARB order.

Source Note: The provisions of this §9.4240 adopted to be effective April 16, 2024, 49 TexReg 2313

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