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RULE §9.4321Definitions

The following phrases, words, and terms, when used in this subchapter shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

  (1) Account--The account created by Local Government Code, §140.011(h) from which disabled veteran assistance payments are made.

  (2) Adjacent--Having a common endpoint or border. The fact that a road separates a city and a United States military installation does not prevent a city and military installation from being considered adjacent.

  (3) Applicant--A local government that has applied for a payment.

  (4) Comptroller--The Comptroller of Public Accounts for the State of Texas.

  (5) Exemption amount--The total appraised value of all property located in the local government that is granted an exemption from taxation under Tax Code, §11.131 for the tax year in which the fiscal year begins and for which the applicant is requesting payment.

  (6) Fiscal year--The fiscal year of the applicant unless otherwise indicated.

  (7) General fund revenue--Revenue generated by a local government from the following sources during a fiscal year and deposited in the dedicated general operating fund of the local government during that fiscal year:

    (A) ad valorem taxes;

    (B) sales and use taxes;

    (C) franchise taxes, fees, or assessments charged for use of the local government's right-of-way;

    (D) building and development fees, including permit and inspection fees;

    (E) court fines and fees;

    (F) other fees, assessments, and charges; and

    (G) interest earned by the local government.

  (8) Independent audit--An audit required by law to be prepared for the applicant for the fiscal year for which the applicant is requesting payment which verifies amounts of general fund revenue by source.

  (9) Local government--

    (A) a municipality adjacent to a United States military installation; or

    (B) a county in which a United States military installation is wholly or partly located.

  (10) Lost ad valorem tax revenue or lost property tax revenue--For a fiscal year for which the applicant is requesting payment, the product of the property tax rate adopted by the applicant for the tax year in which that fiscal year begins and the exemption amount.

  (11) Payment--A disabled veteran assistance payment paid to a qualified local government from the account in an amount calculated by subtracting 1.0% of the local government's general fund revenue for a fiscal year from the local government's lost property tax revenue for that fiscal year.

  (12) Qualified local government--A local government entitled to a disabled veteran assistance payment under Local Government Code, §140.011. A local government is a qualified local government for a fiscal year if the amount of lost property tax revenue is equal to or greater than 2.0% of the applicant's general fund revenue for that fiscal year.

Source Note: The provisions of this §9.4321 adopted to be effective February 22, 2016, 41 TexReg 1260

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