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RULE §23.6Training

(a) When attending a department training course, the applicant must:

  (1) provide a department approved government issued photo identification;

  (2) not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol;

  (3) cooperate with the classroom rules as provided by department personnel;

  (4) maintain good order and discipline during the training course; and

  (5) successfully pass the written examination.

(b) Conduct which is disruptive or unsafe shall be grounds for immediate ejection from the training course and may result in the termination of the application process.

(c) The applicant for a vehicle inspection station certification or vehicle inspector certification will be given three (3) opportunities to pass the written exam. Failure to pass the exam within 30 days of the date of training will terminate the application process.

(d) Once a completed application for a renewal of a vehicle inspection station or vehicle inspector certification is received by the department, the applicant may be required to receive training and take a test prior to recertification.

(e) Each certified vehicle inspector must qualify, by training and examination provided by the department, for one or more of the endorsements listed in paragraphs (1) - (3) of this subsection which indicate the type of vehicle inspection reports the inspector is certified to issue and the types of vehicle inspections the inspector is qualified to perform.

  (1) S. May inspect any vehicle requiring a safety only vehicle inspection report, i.e., one-year, two-year, trailer, and motorcycle.

  (2) C. May inspect any vehicle requiring a commercial inspection report, i.e., commercial motor vehicle and commercial trailer.

  (3) E. May inspect any vehicle requiring an emissions test report, i.e., one-year safety/emissions and one-year emissions only (unique emissions test only inspection report).

(f) The department representative may, if the vehicle inspector's performance warrants, require the vehicle inspector to take and pass all or a portion of the written test, or require attendance at a vehicle inspection training program. Failure to pass a required test, or refusal to comply with the department representative's request under this section, may result in suspension of the vehicle inspector's certificate. The suspension will remain in effect until the inspector passes the required test or complies with the department representative's request, whichever is applicable.

Source Note: The provisions of this §23.6 adopted to be effective March 13, 2013, 38 TexReg 1700; amended to be effective March 1, 2015, 40 TexReg 256; amended to be effective May 14, 2020, 45 TexReg 3138

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