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RULE §211.29Responsibilities of Agency Chief Administrators

(a) An agency chief administrator is responsible for making any and all reports and submitting any and all documents required of that agency by the commission.

(b) An individual who is appointed or elected to the position of the chief administrator of a law enforcement agency shall notify the Commission of the date of appointment and title, through a form prescribed by the Commission within 30 days of such appointment.

(c) An agency chief administrator must comply with the appointment and retention requirements under Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1701.

(d) An agency chief administrator must report to the commission within 30 days, any change in the agency's name, physical location, mailing address, electronic mail address, or telephone number.

(e) An agency chief administrator must report, in a standard format, incident-based data compiled in accordance with Texas Occupations Code §1701.164.

(f) Line of duty deaths shall be reported to the commission in current peace officers' memorial reporting formats.

(g) An agency chief administrator has an obligation to determine that all appointees are able to safely and effectively perform the essential job functions. An agency chief administrator may require a fit for duty review upon identifying factors that indicate an appointee may no longer be able to perform job-related functions safely and effectively. These factors should be based on objective evidence and a reasonable basis that the cause may be attributable to a medical or psychological condition or impairment.

(h) An agency must provide training on employment issues identified in Texas Occupations Code §1701.402 and field training.

(i) An agency must provide continuing education training required in Texas Occupations Code §1701.351 and §1701.352.

(j) Before an agency appoints any licensee to a position requiring a commission license it shall complete the reporting requirements of Texas Occupations Code §1701.451.

(k) An agency appointing a person who does not hold a commission license must file an application for the appropriate license with the commission.

(l) An agency must notify the commission electronically following the requirements of Texas Occupations Code §1701.452, when a person under appointment with that agency resigns or is terminated.

(m) An agency chief administrator must comply with orders from the commission regarding the correction of a report of resignation/termination or request a hearing from SOAH.

(n) An agency shall notify the commission electronically within 30 days, when it receives information that a person under appointment with that agency has been arrested, charged, indicted, or convicted for any offense above a Class C misdemeanor, or for any Class C misdemeanor involving the duties and responsibilities of office or family violence.

(o) Except in the case of a commission error, an agency that wishes to report a change to any information within commission files about a licensee shall do so in a request to the commission, containing:

  (1) the licensees name, date of birth, last four digits of the social security number, or PID;

  (2) the requested change; and

  (3) the reason for the change.

(p) An agency chief administrator may not appoint an applicant subject to pending administrative action based on:

  (1) enrollment or licensure ineligibility; or

  (2) statutory suspension or revocation.

(q) The effective date of this section is February 1, 2016.

Source Note: The provisions of this §211.29 adopted to be effective January 1, 2012, 36 TexReg 8978; amended to be effective January 17, 2013, 37 TexReg 10251; amended to be effective February 1, 2016, 41 TexReg 273

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