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RULE §259.619Life Safety

(a) Provisions shall be made for the rapid removal of occupants by such reliable means as the remote control of doors or by keying all locks to keys readily available to jail staff who are continually on duty and have undergone emergency drills. There shall be not less than two exits on each floor as remote as practicable from one another. Travel distance between any point on the floor of the facility to an exit shall not exceed 150 feet. Travel distance between any room door and an exit may be increased by 50 feet in fully sprinklered facilities not to exceed 200 feet of total travel distance.

(b) Access to exits shall be marked by readily visible signs at all locations where the exit is not readily visible from outer cell doors.

(c) Interior stairways serving as emergency exits for new facilities and new additions shall be separated by a two-hour fire rated enclosure and self-closing fire doors.

(d) Hazardous area protection shall be provided as required by §263.21 of this title (relating to Life Safety).

(e) Self alarming smoke detectors or smoke detectors which are part of an automatic fire detection and alarm system shall be provided for each inmate living and day room area in sufficient numbers to provide prompt warning to occupants and staff. The alarm systems should be tested in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation, but shall be tested at least on calendar quarterly intervals and test results made a matter of record to include date and results of test, and signature of the person testing the equipment.

(f) Plans and drills for emergencies shall be provided as required by §§263.40-263.42 of this title (relating to Life Safety).

(g) A manually operated or automatic smoke removal system shall be provided. (Exception: Single story minimum security facility buildings which provide direct exiting to the exterior of the building from the inmate living and day room areas and whose exit doors are incapable of being locked are not required to provide a smoke removal system.)

(h) Fire extinguishers of adequate number and type to meet NFPA 10 shall be provided at appropriate locations. Fire department connections in proximity to the building as approved in writing by local fire official shall be provided. A standpipe and hose system with a one-inch non-collapsible or one and one-half inch collapsible hose utilizing a minimum of two inches domestic water system shall be provided.

(i) All life safety equipment shall be out of reach of inmates, or otherwise secured from unauthorized tampering. At least one self-contained breathing apparatus shall be available and maintained in or near each facility control station. All jail staff shall be trained and quarterly drills conducted in the use of this equipment. A minimum of one unit shall be provided for each building or a multi-building facility. All life safety equipment shall be inspected, maintained, and tested by persons qualified to do so (whether under vendor contract, by state or private agency or otherwise) in order that such equipment shall be safe, secure, and fully operative at all times.

(j) Records and reports shall be maintained as required by §263.70 and §263.71 of this title (relating to Life Safety).

Source Note: The provisions of this §259.619 adopted to be effective April 28, 1994, 19 TexReg 2960; amended to be effective December 12, 1994, 19 TexReg 9376; amended to be effective June 14, 1996, 21 TexReg 5001.

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