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RULE §1.210Healthy Students = Healthy Families Advisory Committee

(a) Purpose. The Healthy Students = Healthy Families Advisory Committee ("Committee") is appointed by the Commissioner of Agriculture ("Commissioner") and is established within the Texas Department of Agriculture (the "Department") to assist the Commissioner with current and future issues associated with the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy ("TPSNP"), Child Nutrition Programs ("CNP") and other nutrition issues affecting Texas children.

(b) Composition; Duties. The Committee is composed of parents, food service directors, teachers, dieticians and nutritionists, school administrators, health specialists, education service centers, the medical community, physical education specialist and procurement. The Committee shall assist the Commissioner with current and future issues associated with the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy ("TPSNP") and Child Nutrition Programs ("CNP") including, but not limited to, identifying and recommending methods to develop a healthy lifestyle for Texas children and reasonable criteria to obtain these goals, methods to implement the TPSNP and CNP in a fair and balanced manner and methods to decrease childhood obesity rates and to promote wellness and physical fitness as part of the TPSNP. In addition, the Committee may evaluate the CNP and make recommendations to improve service and communication.

(c) Duration. The Committee shall remain in existence as long as deemed necessary by the Commissioner.

(d) Reporting. Reporting takes place through meetings held by the Committee. Through these meetings, the Commissioner and Committee discuss matters related to the Committee's business and the Committee provides oral feedback and direction. TDA staff ("Staff") prepares and maintains the minutes of each advisory committee meeting. Staff maintains a record of actions taken and distributes copies of approved minutes and other Committee documents to Committee members and the Commissioner.

Source Note: The provisions of this §1.210 adopted to be effective December 20, 2007, 32 TexReg 9339

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