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RULE §21.65Citrus Propagation Requirements

(a) Citrus nursery stock grown or sold within, or sold into, the citrus zone must be grown in a certified citrus nursery under the provisions of this subchapter.

(b) Citrus nursery stock sold within or into, the citrus zone must be propagated directly from certified budwood from source trees that are compliant with the provisions of §21.36 of this title (relating to Increase Trees and Increase Blocks).

(c) Citrus nursery stock propagated for experimental use;

  (1) Shall be inspected and tested at a minimum once prior to 12 months post-budding and every 12 months thereafter for citrus tristeza and citrus greening or any other pest of regulatory concern;

    (A) The department will collect samples for testing according to the sampling plan in "Survey Protocol in Exclusionary Facilities for the Interstate Movement of Citrus and Other Rutaceous Plants for Planting from Areas Quarantined for Citrus Greening, Asian Citrus Psyllid, and Citrus Canker" developed by the CPHST Plant Epidemiology and Risk Analysis Laboratory of the Plant Protection and Quarantine branch of USDA-APHIS. This sampling plan is available at the department's website at www.TexasAgriculture.gov.

    (B) The cost of the laboratory analysis of the samples shall be borne by the owner of the citrus nursery or research entity.

  (2) Shall not be offered for sale; and

  (3) May not be commingled with certified citrus nursery stock intended for sale or any other citrus nursery stock.

(d) If a citrus nursery site is found to be infested with citrus infesting nematodes or other dangerous soil-borne citrus pathogens, the citrus nursery stock, plant material, media and containers for growing citrus nursery stock:

  (1) Must be kept at least 18 inches above the floor; and

  (2) Must be prevented from having contact with soil from the location, unless the soil and infested water from the location have been sterilized, handled and stored in a manner approved by the department.

(e) All citrus nursery stock and propagative plants shall remain within the approved structure at all times or be moved under protective cover to exclude insects, until distributed for sale or use.

(f) Citrus nursery stock may be moved directly from one approved structure into another approved structure, provided the plants are protected and covered with material designed to prevent exposure to psyllids at all times during transit as specified in §21.43 of this title (relating to Texas Citrus Nursery Stock Certification Manual).

(g) Certified citrus nursery stock may not be commingled with non-certified citrus nursery stock or any other citrus plant material.

Source Note: The provisions of this §21.65 adopted to be effective December 31, 2015, 40 TexReg 9626

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