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RULE §21.66Labeling Requirements

(a) Citrus plants being grown in a certified citrus nursery must be labeled, meeting the following labeling requirements.

  (1) A tag, sign or other identifier shall be placed at the beginning and end of each lot or row, as applicable, of certified citrus nursery trees during production which clearly identifies the variety and source tree identification number.

  (2) If a row contains trees propagated from more than one source tree, the different selections shall be clearly separated and identified at the beginning and end of each lot or series of trees showing the variety and source tree identification number.

  (3) If trees are grown in containers, each container or group of container-grown trees shall be identified with the variety and source tree identification number and separated from other trees in the nursery to avoid mixing nursery trees originating from different source trees.

  (4) In lieu of identification tags during production, a nursery may develop an identification plan, as approved by the department that defines procedures and methods used to identify the certified citrus nursery stock under production at the location. Identification tags, as provided in this section, will be required once the certified citrus nursery stock is sold or distributed.

(b) In addition to labeling requirements at §21.8 of this title (relating to Labeling Requirements and Non-Rebuttable Presumption), each citrus plant offered for sale or distribution shall have attached to the article, or to the container in which the article is planted, a waterproof tag or label upon which is legibly printed in permanent lettering the words "Certified Citrus Nursery Stock," the date of propagation, the date the tree was last treated with a pesticide prior to distribution, and adequate identifying information to permit trace-back to the certified facility where the article was propagated and grown.

(c) Within the citrus zone, commercial citrus production areas where citrus trees that are immediately field planted in groves for commercial fruit production are exempt from the labeling requirements of this section.

(d) Retail buyers and end users are exempt from the requirements of this section.

Source Note: The provisions of this §21.66 adopted to be effective December 31, 2015, 40 TexReg 9626

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