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RULE §35.80Definitions

The following words and terms, when used in this chapter, shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

  (1) Approved laboratory - A State or Federal veterinary diagnostic laboratory for brucellosis testing that must be approved by USDA, APHIS, VS and State animal health authorities.

  (2) Approved personnel - Texas Animal Health Commission inspectors and veterinarians; Federal Animal Health technicians and veterinarians; accredited Texas veterinarians; and others who have been approved to do those assigned duties as described in these regulations for brucellosis control and eradication.

  (3) Area Veterinarian-In-Charge (AVIC) - The official of USDA-APHIS-VS, who is assigned by the VS Deputy Administrator to supervise and perform the official animal health work of APHIS in the State or States concerned.

  (4) Brucellosis - An infectious disease of animals and humans caused by bacteria of the genus Brucella.

  (5) Brucellosis negative animal - An animal for which laboratory tests fail to disclose evidence of Brucella infection.

  (6) Brucellosis reactor - An animal diagnosed with Brucella based on laboratory results, clinical signs, and/or epidemiologic investigation.

  (7) Brucellosis suspect - An animal for which laboratory test results are inconclusive but suggest Brucella infection.

  (8) Certified Brucellosis-Free Cervid Herd - A herd of cervidae that has qualified for and has been issued a certified brucellosis free cervid herd certificate signed by both the State animal health official and the APHIS AVIC.

  (9) Cervidae - Deer, elk, moose, caribou and related species in the Cervidae family, raised under confinement or agricultural conditions for the production of meat or other agricultural products or for sport or exhibition, and free-ranging cervidae when they are captured for any purpose.

  (10) Cervid herd - A herd that contains one or more animals of any cervid species.

  (11) Herd Test - An official brucellosis blood test of all test-eligible animals in a herd.

  (12) Official cervid identification - A VS approved eartag or other VS-approved identification device that conforms to the alphanumeric Uniform Eartagging System, and uniquely and permanently identifies the animal. All official identification is to be placed in the right ear unless otherwise specified.

  (13) Official test - An approved brucellosis blood test conducted a an approved laboratory to support the classification of cervidae as brucellosis negative, suspect or reactor.

  (14) Test-eligible animal - All cervidae one year of age or older.

Source Note: The provisions of this §35.80 adopted to be effective August 22, 1999, 24 TexReg 6279

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