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RULE §41.2Designation of an area

(a) Each area of the state will be classified by the commission as a free area, control purpose quarantine area, temporary preventative quarantine area, or tick eradication quarantine area. The commission will immediately redesignate an area when any change in circumstances warrants reclassification. Each area will be determined by the Animal Health Commission according to the needs of inspection and treatment for known or suspected infestation of ticks.

(b) Upon the designation of any area other than a free area, and upon the request of five livestock owners within that area, the commission will appoint an area advisory committee from recommendations made by livestock owners within the area. The committee will be kept informed of the general plan of inspection and treatment for the area, of the results of all inspections of livestock and premises, and of changes in boundaries.

(c) The commission will notify all livestock owners within an area, except the free area, as to the type area in which their livestock are located. All changes in designation of an area will be in writing with the reason for change given.

Source Note: The provisions of this §41.2 adopted to be effective June 23, 2002, 27 TexReg 5175

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