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RULE §41.3Designation of a premise

(a) Each premise within a tick eradication quarantine area, temporary preventative quarantine area, or control purpose quarantine area will be classified by the commission as an infested, exposed, adjacent, or check premise. The commission will immediately redesignate a premise when a change in circumstances warrants reclassification. The boundaries of each premise will be determined according to inspection and treatment needs for known or suspected infestation of ticks. A premise which has received untreated livestock from a premise later found to be tick infested, and the length of such infestation is unknown, may be classified as control purpose instead of exposed if livestock on the premise are found to be tick free, the owner agrees in writing to present the animals for inspection when required by the Commission, and such classification does not present a threat of the spread of ticks to the surrounding premise(s).

(b) The commission will notify all livestock owners within an area, except the free area, as to the type premise on which their livestock are located. All changes in designation of premises will be in writing with the reason for change given.

(c) A premise that would normally be classified as adjacent may be exempted from adjacent premise requirements by a State or Federal epidemiologist if the premise is separated from the exposed or infested premise by double fencing, sufficient to prevent the spread of ticks, with one of the fences being game-proof.

Source Note: The provisions of this §41.3 adopted to be effective June 23, 2002, 27 TexReg 5175

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