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RULE §58.12Notice of Quarantine

(a) Publication of Notice. The executive director shall give notice of a quarantine established within this state:

  (1) by publishing notice in a newspaper published in the county in which the quarantine is established,

  (2) by posting notice at the courthouse door of that county, or

  (3) by delivering a written notice to the owner or caretaker of the animals or places to be quarantined.

(b) Contents of Notice. The quarantine notice must state:

  (1) the cause for which the quarantine is established, whether for infection or for exposure,

  (2) describe the area or premises quarantined in a reasonable manner that enables a person to identify the area or premises (but is not required to describe the area or premises by metes and bounds),

  (3) if the seriousness of the disease is sufficient to warrant prohibiting the movement of animals, the notice must state that the movement is prohibited,

  (4) any exceptions, terms, conditions, or provisions prescribed under this chapter must be stated in the quarantine notice,

  (5) state the class of persons authorized by the commission or the Executive Director to issue certificates or permits permitting movement,

  (6) any authorized movement certificate or permit must be issued in conformity with the requirements stated in the quarantine notice.

    (A) The executive director may provide for a written certificate or written permit authorizing the movement of commodities or animals from quarantined places or the movement of quarantined commodities or animals.

    (B) The certificate or permit must be issued by a veterinarian or other person authorized by the commission to issue a certificate or permit.

  (7) if the quarantine regulates or prohibits the movement of a carrier or potential carrier of a disease, the Executive Director may prescribe:

    (A) any exceptions,

    (B) terms,

    (C) conditions, or

    (D) provisions that the executive director considers necessary or desirable to promote the objectives of this chapter or to minimize the economic impact of the quarantine without endangering those objectives or the health and safety of the public.

Source Note: The provisions of this §58.12 adopted to be effective December 11, 2001, 26 TexReg 10048

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