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RULE §3.606Imminent Harm Resulting from Documented Self-Injurious Behavior

(a) Only staff who have successfully completed competency-based training on the use of restraints may implement restraint procedures. Staff who implement restraint procedures must also complete training on person-specific instructions and other measures regarding restraints contained in an individual's protective mechanical restraint plan for self-injurious behavior or other plan.

(b) Staff may implement restraint to protect an individual from imminent harm resulting from documented self-injurious behavior if the following conditions have been met:

  (1) the IDT has developed an ISP action plan for the individual that describes the need for protective mechanical restraint for self-injurious behavior; includes the procedures that will be employed to reduce the need for restraint, including a PBSP; and provides specific individualized instructions for staff on how to apply the restraints safely and the periods of time and the conditions under which the restraints can be safely removed;

  (2) a structural and functional assessment has been completed or revised that identifies possible functions of the self-injurious behavior;

  (3) the IDT has developed other clinical plans, as applicable, such as habilitation plans supported by an assessment or evaluation, to reduce the need for protective mechanical restraint;

  (4) a PBSP has been completed or revised, based on a structural and functional assessment, that includes procedures, as appropriate, for teaching and strengthening alternative behaviors to self-injurious behaviors and teaching procedures that will help prevent self-injurious behavior as the time without the use of protective mechanical restraints increases;

  (5) the instructions for applying the protective mechanical restraint for self-injurious behavior have been developed, including a schedule for removing and replacing the mechanical restraint that safely increases the time out of protective mechanical restraint;

  (6) a PCP has assessed the individual and determined that the self-injurious behavior is at an intensity and frequency that causes imminent risk of serious physical injury and there is a need for protective mechanical restraints for self-injurious behavior; and

  (7) a system for monthly reviews of data by the IDT has been established, including the PCP's continued reevaluation as to whether the intensity and frequency of the self-injurious behavior warrants continuing the restraint plan.

Source Note: The provisions of this §3.606 adopted to be effective May 16, 2013, 38 TexReg 2841

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