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RULE §43.4Definitions

The following words and terms, when used in this chapter, have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

  (1) Adult--A person who is 18 years of age or older.

  (2) Applicant--Depending on the context, an applicant is:

    (A) a person applying for employment with an SRO provider;

    (B) a person or legal entity applying for a contract with an SRO provider to deliver services to an individual; or

    (C) a person applying for services through a program.

  (3) Case manager--A person who provides case management services to an individual. The case manager assists an individual who receives program services in gaining access to needed services, regardless of the funding source for the services, and assists with other duties as required by the individual's program.

  (4) CDS option--Consumer Directed Services option. A service delivery option in which an individual or LAR employs and retains service providers and directs the delivery of program services as described in Chapter 41 of this title (relating to Consumer Directed Services Option).

  (5) DADS--The Department of Aging and Disability Services.

  (6) Entity--An organization that has a legal identity such as a corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company, professional association, or cooperative.

  (7) FMSA--Financial management services agency. An entity that contracts with DADS to provide financial management services, as defined in §41.103 of this title (relating to Definitions).

  (8) Individual--A person enrolled in a program.

  (9) LAR--Legally authorized representative. A person authorized or required by law to act on behalf of an individual with regard to a matter described in this chapter, including a parent, guardian, managing conservator of a minor, or the guardian of an adult.

  (10) Management agreement--A negotiated agreement between an individual and an SRO provider that establishes each party's responsibilities to create and sustain quality services. A management agreement also establishes a schedule for the individual or LAR and the SRO provider to meet to assess the individual's well-being and the quality of services provided.

  (11) Program--A community services program administered by DADS.

  (12) Provider--An entity that has a contract with DADS to provide program services.

  (13) Representative--A willing adult who volunteers to assist an individual or LAR with selection, training, and daily management of a service provider.

  (14) Service back-up plan--A documented plan to ensure that critical program services delivered through the SRO are provided to an individual when normal service delivery is interrupted.

  (15) Service coordinator--An employee of a mental retardation authority who is responsible for assisting an applicant, individual, or LAR to access needed medical, social, educational, and other appropriate services, including program services. A service coordinator provides case management services to an individual.

  (16) Service plan--A document developed in accordance with rules governing an individual's program to identify the program services to be provided to the individual, the number of units of each service to be provided, and the projected cost of each service.

  (17) Service planning team--A group of people determined by the requirements of an individual's program that meet to discuss and make decisions or recommendations regarding an individual's program services. Some programs refer to the service planning team as an interdisciplinary team.

  (18) Service provider--An employee, contractor, or vendor of the SRO provider.

  (19) SRO--Service responsibility option. A service delivery option in which an individual or LAR selects, trains, and provides daily management of a service provider, while the fiscal, personnel, and service back-up plan responsibilities remain with an SRO provider.

  (20) SRO orientation--A mandatory training provided by a support advisor to inform an individual or LAR about SRO responsibilities and tools to use for successful management of the SRO.

  (21) SRO provider--A provider who volunteers to enroll as an SRO provider and amend its program services contract to allow an individual receiving one or more services from the provider to have a service delivered through SRO.

  (22) Support advisor--A person who provides support consultation to an employer, representative, or individual receiving services through the SRO.

  (23) Support consultation--A service provided by a support advisor that provides the required SRO orientation and additional support when needed by the individual to effectively carry out responsibilities under the SRO. Support consultation helps an individual or LAR meet the required daily management responsibilities of the SRO.

Source Note: The provisions of this §43.4 adopted to be effective January 1, 2009, 33 TexReg 10510; amended to be effective September 1, 2014, 39 TexReg 6629

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