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RULE §47.41Allowable Tasks

The PHC Program, CAS Program, and FC Program include the following tasks:

  (1) assistance with ADLs, including:

    (A) bathing, which is:

      (i) drawing water in sink, basin, or tub;

      (ii) hauling or heating water;

      (iii) laying out supplies;

      (iv) assisting in or out of tub or shower;

      (v) sponge bathing and drying;

      (vi) bed bathing and drying;

      (vii) tub bathing and drying; and

      (viii) providing standby assistance for safety;

    (B) dressing, which is:

      (i) dressing the individual;

      (ii) undressing the individual; and

      (iii) laying out clothes;

    (C) meal preparation, which is:

      (i) cooking a full meal;

      (ii) warming up prepared food;

      (iii) planning meals;

      (iv) helping prepare meals; and

      (v) cutting an individual's food for eating;

    (D) feeding/eating, which is:

      (i) spoon-feeding;

      (ii) bottle-feeding;

      (iii) assisting with using eating and drinking utensils and adaptive devices, not including tube feeding; and

      (iv) providing standby assistance or encouragement;

    (E) exercise, which is walking with the individual;

    (F) grooming, shaving, or oral care, which is:

      (i) shaving;

      (ii) brushing teeth;

      (iii) shaving underarms and legs, when requested;

      (iv) caring for nails; and

      (v) laying out supplies;

    (G) routine hair or skin care, which is:

      (i) washing hair;

      (ii) drying hair;

      (iii) assisting with setting, rolling, or braiding hair, not including cutting or chemical processing of hair;

      (iv) combing or brushing hair;

      (v) applying nonprescription lotion to skin;

      (vi) washing hands and face;

      (vii) applying makeup; and

      (viii) laying out supplies;

    (H) assistance with self-administration of medication as defined in 26 TAC §558.2 (relating to Definitions);

    (I) toileting, which is:

      (i) changing diapers;

      (ii) changing colostomy bag or emptying catheter bag;

      (iii) assisting on or off bedpan;

      (iv) assisting with the use of a urinal;

      (v) assisting with feminine hygiene needs;

      (vi) assisting with clothing during toileting;

      (vii) assisting with toilet hygiene, including the use of toilet paper and washing hands;

      (viii) changing external catheter;

      (ix) preparing toileting supplies and equipment, not including preparing catheter equipment; and

      (x) providing standby assistance;

    (J) transfer, which is:

      (i) non-ambulatory movement from one stationary position to another, not including carrying;

      (ii) adjusting or changing the individual's position in a bed or chair (positioning); and

      (iii) assisting in rising from a sitting to a standing position; and

    (K) ambulation, which is:

      (i) assisting in positioning for use of a walking apparatus;

      (ii) assisting with putting on and removing leg braces and prostheses for ambulation;

      (iii) assisting with ambulation or using steps;

      (iv) assisting with wheelchair ambulation; and

      (v) providing standby assistance; and

  (2) assistance with IADLs, including:

    (A) cleaning, including:

      (i) cleaning up after the individual's ADLs;

      (ii) emptying and cleaning the individual's bedside commode;

      (iii) cleaning the individual's bathroom;

      (iv) changing the individual's bed linens and making the individual's bed;

      (v) cleaning floor of living areas used by the individual;

      (vi) dusting areas used by the individual;

      (vii) carrying out the trash and setting out garbage for pick up;

      (viii) cleaning stovetop and counters;

      (ix) washing the individual's dishes; and

      (x) cleaning refrigerator and stove;

    (B) laundry, including:

      (i) doing hand wash;

      (ii) gathering and sorting;

      (iii) loading and unloading machines in residence;

      (iv) using laundromat machines;

      (v) hanging clothes to dry;

      (vi) folding and putting away clothes; and

    (C) shopping, including:

      (i) preparing a shopping list;

      (ii) going to the store and purchasing or picking up items;

      (iii) picking up medication; and

      (iv) storing the individual's purchased items; and

    (D) escorting, including:

      (i) accompanying the individual outside the home to support the individual in living in the community;

      (ii) arranging for transportation, not including direct individual transportation;

      (iii) accompanying the individual to a clinic, doctor's office, or location for medical diagnosis or treatment; and

      (iv) waiting in the doctor's office or clinic with an individual if necessary due to client's condition or distance from home.

Source Note: The provisions of this §47.41 adopted to be effective June 1, 2004, 29 TexReg 5113; amended to be effective June 1, 2009, 34 TexReg 2802; amended to be effective October 1, 2019, 44 TexReg 5138

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