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RULE §609.111Investment Expense Reporting Structure

(a) Public retirement systems shall:

  (1) report direct and indirect fees and commissions:

    (A) in the fiscal year they are incurred;

    (B) by asset class;

    (C) in a supplemental schedule as part of the system's annual financial report; and

  (2) identify amounts netted from returns separately from those paid from the trust.

(b) Investment services provided to the system shall be reported in a supplemental schedule contained in the notes to the financial statements that are part of a public retirement system's annual financial report.

(c) A retirement system shall report expenses incurred for investment services by type of service provided, even if multiple investment services are provided by a single firm. Those expenses should not be reported by asset class.

(d) The asset classes are:

  (1) Cash;

  (2) Public Equity;

  (3) Fixed Income;

  (4) Real Assets;

  (5) Alternative/Other.

(e) The Board hereby adopts by reference the 2020 Asset Class Categorization Guide (2020 ACC Guide) to assist in categorizing items by asset class.

(f) The Asset Class Categorization Guide is available to all public retirement systems. A public retirement system may obtain the most current version of the Asset Class Categorization Guide from the offices of the State Pension Review Board and from its website at http://www.prb.texas.gov.

(g) For an investment product containing investments in more than one asset class, a public retirement system shall report fees according to the corresponding asset class.

(h) For a fund of funds, reported fees must include the top-layer management fees charged by the fund-of-fund manager and the fees charged by all subsidiary fund managers, and all profit share, reported as a single amount.

(i) A public retirement system must list the types of investment included in the "Alternative/Other" asset class as described in the 2020 ACC Guide.

Source Note: The provisions of this §609.111 adopted to be effective March 15, 2020, 45 TexReg 1864

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