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RULE §835.14Procedure for Requesting Funding

(a) After obtaining the Board's review and comments in the applicable local workforce development areas, a public community or technical college, CBO, state extension service, or any other training provider, shall present to the executive director, or his or her designee, a joint proposal requesting funding for a project that meets Self-Sufficiency Fund objectives.

(b) The proposal shall contain evidence of established referral procedures or agreements with Board contractors, Workforce Solutions Offices, or other entities for referral of eligible trainees.

(c) Proposals shall be written and contain the following information:

  (1) The number of trainees to be trained and placed in related employment;

  (2) A summary of the proposed training project, including:

    (A) a description of how the applicant determined industry training needs;

    (B) skills to be taught;

    (C) strategies for successfully meeting the needs of eligible trainees; and

    (D) a list of the measurable training objectives and outcomes, including the industry-based certifications that trainees will receive upon completion;

  (3) A budget summary identifying all sources of funding for the project and specifying the amount requested from the Self-Sufficiency Fund;

  (4) A completed checklist of information on the training provider's financial management system;

  (5) Names of the entities that will provide support services to project participants and a description of the services they will provide, including an explanation of why the support services are necessary for the trainees, and a description of how the services provided will prepare the trainees for employment;

  (6) A description of how the proposed training will link participants to employers upon completion, including a career pathway with a timeline and wage data to show how the proposed training will enable participants to become independent or avoid becoming dependent on public assistance benefits; and

  (7) Any other factors unique to the circumstances of the project that should be considered.

Source Note: The provisions of this §835.14 adopted to be effective January 7, 2003, 28 TexReg 357; amended to be effective September 12, 2022, 47 TexReg 5499

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