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RULE §217.22Definitions

The following words and terms, when used in this subchapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

  (1) Affidavit for alias exempt registration--A form prescribed by the director that must be executed by an exempt law enforcement agency to request the issuance of exempt registration in the name of an alias.

  (2) Agent--A duly authorized representative possessing legal capacity to act for an individual or legal entity.

  (3) Alias--The name of a vehicle registrant reflected on the registration, different than the name of the legal owner of the vehicle.

  (4) Alias exempt registration--Registration issued under an alias to a specific vehicle to be used in covert criminal investigations by a law enforcement agency.

  (5) Axle load--The total load transmitted to the road by all wheels whose centers may be included between two parallel transverse vertical planes 40 inches apart, extending across the full width of the vehicle.

  (6) Border commercial zone--A commercial zone established under Title 49, C.F.R., Part 372 that is contiguous to the border with Mexico.

  (7) Bus--A motor vehicle used to transport persons and designed to accommodate more than 10 passengers, including the operator; or a motor vehicle, other than a taxicab, designed and used to transport persons for compensation.

  (8) Carrying capacity--The maximum safe load that a commercial vehicle may carry, as determined by the manufacturer.

  (9) Character--A numeric or alpha symbol displayed on a license plate.

  (10) County or city civil defense agency--An agency authorized by a commissioner's court order or by a city ordinance to provide protective measures and emergency relief activities in the event of hostile attack, sabotage, or natural disaster.

  (11) Director--The director of the Vehicle Titles and Registration Division, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

  (12) Division--Vehicle Titles and Registration Division.

  (13) Executive administrator--The director of a federal agency, the director of a Texas state agency, the sheriff of a Texas county, or the chief of police of a Texas city that by law possesses the authority to conduct covert criminal investigations.

  (14) Exempt agency--A governmental body exempted by statute from paying registration fees when registering motor vehicles.

  (15) Exempt license plates--Specially designated license plates issued to certain vehicles owned or controlled by exempt agencies.

  (16) Exhibition vehicle--

    (A) An assembled complete passenger car, truck, or motorcycle that:

      (i) is a collector's item;

      (ii) is used exclusively for exhibitions, club activities, parades, and other functions of public interest;

      (iii) does not carry advertising; and

      (iv) has a frame, body, and motor that is at least 25-years old; or

    (B) A former military vehicle as defined in Transportation Code, §504.502.

  (17) Fire-fighting equipment--Equipment mounted on fire-fighting vehicles used in the process of fighting fires, including, but not limited to, ladders and hoses.

  (18) Foreign commercial motor vehicle--A commercial motor vehicle, as defined by 49 C.F.R. §390.5, that is owned by a person or entity that is domiciled in or a citizen of a country other than the United States.

  (19) Highway construction project--That section of the highway between the warning signs giving notice of a construction area.

  (20) International symbol of access--The symbol adopted by Rehabilitation International in 1969 at its Eleventh World Congress of Rehabilitation of the Disabled.

  (21) Legally blind--Having not more than 20/200 visual acuity in the better eye with correcting lenses, or visual acuity greater than 20/200 but with a limitation in the field of vision such that the widest diameter of the visual field subtends an angle no greater than 20 degrees.

  (22) Make--The trade name of the vehicle manufacturer.

  (23) Nonprofit organization--An unincorporated association or society or a corporation that is incorporated or holds a certificate of authority under the Business Organizations Code.

  (24) Nominating State Agency--A state agency authorized to accept and distribute funds from the sale of a specialty plate as designated by the nonprofit organization (sponsoring entity).

  (25) Political subdivision--A county, municipality, local board, or other body of this state having authority to provide a public service.

  (26) Registration period--A designated period during which registration is valid. A registration period begins on the first day of a calendar month and ends on the last day of a calendar month.

  (27) Service agreement--A contractual agreement that allows individuals or businesses to access the department's vehicle registration records.

  (28) Specialty license plate--A special design license plate issued by the department under SA.

  (29) Specialty license plate fee--Statutorily or department required fee payable on submission of an application for a specialty license plate, symbol, tab, or other device, and collected in addition to statutory motor vehicle registration fees.

  (30) Sponsoring entity--An institution, college, university, sports team, or any other non-profit individual or group that desires to support a particular specialty license plate by coordinating the collection and submission of the prescribed applications and associated license plate fees or deposits for that particular license plate.

  (31) Street or suburban bus--A vehicle, other than a passenger car, used to transport persons for compensation exclusively within the limits of a municipality or a suburban addition to a municipality.

  (32) Tandem axle group--Two or more axles spaced 40 inches or more apart from center to center having at least one common point of weight suspension.

  (33) Unconventional vehicle--A vehicle built entirely as machinery from the ground up, that is permanently designed to perform a specific function, and is not designed to transport property.

  (34) Vehicle classification--The grouping of vehicles in categories for the purpose of registration, based on design, carrying capacity, or use.

  (35) Vehicle description--Information regarding a specific vehicle, including, but not limited to, the vehicle make, model year, body style, and vehicle identification number.

  (36) Vehicle identification number--A number assigned by the manufacturer of a motor vehicle or the department that describes the motor vehicle for purposes of identification.

  (37) Vehicle inspection sticker--A sticker issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety signifying that a vehicle has passed all applicable safety and emissions tests.

  (38) Vehicle registration insignia--A license plate, symbol, tab, or other device issued by the department evidencing that all applicable fees have been paid for the current registration period and allowing the vehicle to be operated on the public highways.

  (39) Vehicle registration record--Information contained in the department's files that reflects, but is not limited to, the make, vehicle identification number, model year, body style, license number, and the name of the registered owner.

  (40) Volunteer fire department--An association that is organized for the purpose of answering fire alarms, extinguishing fires, and providing emergency medical services.

Source Note: The provisions of this §217.22 adopted to be effective March 12, 2015, 40 TexReg 1096

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