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RULE §221.15Required License Application Information

(a) An applicant for a new salvage dealer license must register for an account in the department-designated licensing system by selecting the licensing system icon on the dealer page of the department website. An applicant must designate the account administrator and provide the name and email address for that person, and provide the business telephone number, name, business type, and social security number or employer identification number, as applicable. The applicant's licensing account administrator must be an owner, officer, manager, or bona fide employee.

(b) Once registered, an applicant for a new salvage dealer license may apply for a license and must provide the following:

  (1) the application reason;

  (2) business information including:

    (A) the name, provided that the applicant may not use a name or assumed name under which the applicant is authorized to do business that may be confused with or is similar to that of a governmental entity or that is otherwise deceptive or misleading to the public;

    (B) mailing address;

    (C) the full business physical address, including number, street, municipality, county, and zip code for each location where the applicant will conduct business in the same county;

    (D) business email;

    (E) telephone number;

    (F) Texas Sales Tax Identification Number;

    (G) National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) Identification Number;

    (H) Secretary of State file number, if applicable; and

    (I) website address, if applicable.

  (3) application contact name, email address, and telephone number;

  (4) the name, social security number, date of birth, identity document information, and ownership percentage for each owner, partner, member, beneficiary, or principal if the applicant is not a publicly traded company;

  (5) the name, social security number, date of birth, and identity document information for each officer, director, manager, trustee, or other representative authorized to act on behalf of the applicant if the applicant is owned in full or in part by a legal entity;

  (6) the name, employer identification number, ownership percentage, and non-profit or publicly-traded status for each legal entity that owns the applicant in full or in part;

  (7) the name, social security number, date of birth, and identity document information of at least one manager or other bona fide employee who will be present at the business location if the license holder is out of state or will not be present during business hours at the business location in Texas;

  (8) criminal history record information under the laws of Texas, another state of the United States, the United States, and any foreign jurisdiction for each person listed in the application, including offense description, date, and location;

  (9) military service status;

  (10) licensing history required to evaluate business reputation, character, and fitness for licensure including a statement indicating whether the applicant or any person described in §211.2 of this title (relating to Application of Subchapter) has previously applied for a license under this chapter or the salvage vehicle dealer licensing laws of another jurisdiction, the result of the previous application, and whether the applicant, including a person described in §211.2 of this title, has ever been the holder of a license issued by the department or another jurisdiction that was revoked, suspended, or subject of an order issued by the board or by another jurisdiction to pay an administrative penalty that remains unpaid;

  (11) information about each business location and business premises to demonstrate compliance with related rules in this chapter;

  (12) signed Certification of Responsibility, which is a form provided by the department; and

  (13) any other information required by the department to evaluate the application under current law and board rules.

(c) A salvage vehicle dealer renewing or amending its license must verify current license information and provide related information for any new requirements or changes to the license.

Source Note: The provisions of this §221.15 adopted to be effective December 9, 2015, 40 TexReg 8802; amended to be effective October 31, 2020, 45 TexReg 7444; amended to be effective June 1, 2024, 49 TexReg 2760

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